Using "collections/all" to hide products created from the API

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We have a Shopify app ( that creates a bunch of products when a user registers.  We want to hide those products from the merchant's catalog by default.  We know one way is to inject into the .liquid for the store, but this seems overly invasive to the store.

We've heard that another way to accomplish this goal is to create a collection called "All" and add all other products (rather than ours) to this collection.  That way, only the products in that collection would be rendered by default.  

Before we attempt to implement this, has anyone else tried this technique with success?  



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Hi Daniel, I have.

The issue with this technique, though, is that when a customer adds more products on his end, you will need to add them by hand to the override manual “all” collection. Manual collections don't have products added to them automatically, and you need a manual collection to exclude products. You can use a webhook: to be notified when a product is created, to do the right thing — add to “all” collection.

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