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I'm developing a Shopify store to sell downloadable software. I am using Sufio for invoicing.

I am in the USA. I have registered for MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) so that I can collect VAT on EU sales, as I am obliged to do by EU law (even though I am outside the EU).

I just received my MOSS identification number EUxxxxxxxxx. Do I need to show this number on my (Sufio-generated) invoices to customers? I'm not certain but I would think I need to show it to prove that I am collecting the VAT legitimately.

Sufio tells me how to include a regular VAT number but appears to suggest that the field to enter this number will not be visible in my Sufio company profile if my business is based outside the EU.

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Hi Peter,

Since you are based in the US, as you've mentioned, you don't have access to the VAT field in your Sufio invoices app. You should still display your MOSS ID though. In this case, you can input this data into your 'Company Info' field, which will display under your address on the invoices. 

You can access this field in your Sufio Dashboard -> Account -> Company Profile.

If you require further support or have other questions or concerns, message our team at and they will be very happy to help.

Hope this helps!

Jan, Sufio

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