VAT on orders from the U.S. to the UK

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I just made a couple of sales to the UK and due to Covid, we have been busy with other things, and had not realized that the new laws had gone into effect when we did a sales drop this month. 

Frankly, I'm not interested in registering or keeping track of VAT charges, so I'm discontinuing sales to the UK, but these 2 orders total $600 and I'm trying to figure out the least horrific way to deal with this.

Can anyone tell me how much of a problem it is for the consumer to handle the VAT charge on their end? Is it unreasonable to ask them to do this?


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Hi ZenDragon,

Note that if each individual sale to private persons are for less than GBP 135.00 (about $180.00 in today's rate), then your company is required to register for VAT in the UK, and charge 20% UK VAT when you sell. However, this is not required for individual orders for more than GBP 135.00. On these orders, the customer can still act as the importer to the UK, and pay the import duty and VAT to the freight forwarder/mail office. It sounds like your orders were above $180 USD.

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Thanks for the reply, Bianca,

I won't be attending your webinar. We're halting all sales to the UK. I'm not keeping track of yet another fee to another country.