Validation failed: The variant 'Default Title' already exists

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I am trying to import products with variants with csv file. I am getting this error. I checked with the help desk via chat. She couldn't figure out. Does someone know how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

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Hey Muhammad, 

We had similar issues & managed to resolve it eventually. For us it was missing out a column - the 'handle' column actually led to this error. Quite odd!

If you wish to post a screenshot of the file or upload a link to the file I'll gladly take a quick look for you.



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I have resolved the issue. The problem was the option1 name and option1 value had spelling errors. So, I guess it was taking as Title and Default Title for the values. I corrected the spelling and the error was gone. Thank you all for taking interest.

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Watch out the documentation here says that ther is a space before the 1 in "Option 1 Name" and "Option 1 Value" but there is not! It should be "Option1 Name" and "Option1 Value"

In addition I have found that the format of the upload file format is important and doesn't follow conventional rules. In theory any field should be able to have a quote around them but I have found that the only quoted field in the CSV import file should be the Body (HTML) field. I removed quotes around on all other fields.

Now my uploads work! Hope this helps you.


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API not allow 0 value for size please any can help me why?

      "title":"Liverpool Jeans Company",
      "vendor":"Liverpool Jeans Company",

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Gracias por su concepto al respecto, es increíble como es de sensible estos archivos y por una simpleza pierda uno mucho tiempo tratando de corregir el problema, es como buscar una aguja en un pajar.

Buen día¡¡¡