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We are seeking a merchant account / payment processor/gateway that is integrated seamlessley with Shopify, but that also permits sales of vaporizers and pipes (also known as "smoking accessories"). Most of the posts in the forums are quite outdated.

Anyone find a solid solution. Need for Bricks and Mortar but also our online store (bk we use Shopify we have both in one!)




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Dwolla does not appear to have anything in their legal terms that restricts the sale of tobacco/drug paraphernalia. Although I'm not a lawyer, and it's possible I missed something, so you should contact them before continuing. You could also look through the legal terms of the other alternative gateways that are listed in the Shopify payment settings. I only took a quick look at the first one on the list.

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Hi Mary,

I could suggest having a look into who would allow to accept payments based on your products. This can also be integrated and used through our POS system also which I believe is what you are looking for too. I have included a link to the doc below which should help with this setup! :-)

I hope this helps!