Variances in shipstation vs shopify rates

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Hi, We are using shipstation and shopify together.  The shopify and shipstation account are tied to the same account, but we are experiencing discrepancies in what we charge the customer for shipping, and what we are being charged via FedEx through shipstation. 


Just wondering if anyone has ran into this and what they've done about it?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello @sl_sunny,


Don't know the exact reason for this.

Since you have mentioned that FedEx accounts used in Shipstation and Shopify are the same, this might be because of residential and commercial address issues in Shopify. As you may know that Shopify recognizes an address as commercial, only if the customer enters the "Company" details. All other addresses will be considered as "Residential", and the shipping cost will be higher.


So, when shipping to a commercial address, Shopify marks it as residential and shows higher rates to customers. But, Shipstation shows a lesser rate since they may recognize the address as commercial.


The issue can be solved in two ways;

1. Enable the "Company" field in the Shopify checkout page, so that when your customer enters that field, Shopify recognizes it as a commercial address and this might solve the rates mismatch.

2. Use the FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking app, which will help you solve this issue. You can provide FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery at checkout based on the shipping address using the app. The app uses the FedEx address validation API to classify the address as commercial or a residential address and automatically provide the accurate rates based on this.