Variants (Size) Error - No Matter which size is chosen Online - a wrong size is added to bag

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I have a range of products which all Variants equal to various sizes. Products have been created using duplicate function.

(With alterations afterwards). Now  all of a sudden some products still display the various sizes online - however if a Customer wants to add size 12 - the system automatically alter it to the first variant listed (this case size 6) as soon as added to Shopping Bag. I have noted that the products which all of a sudden have this issue also nolonger display a small pop-up with Product was added to bag but immediatly change to Shopping Bag.

I tried to add the Products with these Erros to the Collections again by creating duplicated from the Products which function as they are intended to. These new products shows up in all collections but not Online.

Can anyone give me an advise how to fix these two issues?

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Can you provide a link to your page?