Variants of same graphic in different colors

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I have a graphic that I want to put on both light and dark colored shirts, so I have created the same graphic in both black and white. However, when I upload the graphic on the shirts, they come out as two different items.  I want to group them all together so someone can see the one graphic on my site and then chicl to see more color options - instead of having the same graphic in both black and white listed next to eachother on the shop page. 

Is htis possible? 



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Hey there!

Thanks for your question today! Sounds like what you're looking for is the use of variants. A variant of a product allows you to have one listing and multiple color options. Check out our document on creating variants here:

Also, here is what it looks like in action on our Venue theme:

Same shirt - different colors! Hope that helps :) If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out! - JP

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I have 2 versions of the same image.  Each image will be printed on a black or white shirt to achieve the same effect but just on different shirts colors.  Here is an example to illustrate my point.

The image will be printed on a black shirt.  Please note there is a white square in this image and the rest of the image is blank.  In this case, the black color will show.


This image will be printed on a white shirt.  Please note the white square below is actually blank the t-shirt color will show through.


When both images are printed both images will look the same on black and white shirts respectively.


I want to create variants with these versions.  My question / concern is how does the vendor know what image to use?  There does not appear to be an image identifier tied or attached to the variants.


I hope my question makes sense.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I'm in the same situation. 

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If you don't use Printful with Shopify, this won't help you. I don't know how to do it except using Printful. In your Printful Dashboard, click on Stores, then in the box for your Shopify store, click "View Store." You'll see a listing of all the products you've added to your store. Scroll to the one you want to modify. Click on the Edit button near the right side of the screen for that product. This will bring up your Product Variants page for that product. You'll see a table with columns for Variant, Printful Product, and Printfiles. If you're only changing one variant, you can click directly on the current print file image, near the right side of the screen. You can also click in the left column on one variant,  or select more variants at the same time to perform a bulk edit. Whichever way you make your selection(s), a few more options will appear at the top of the list. Once again, clicking more than one variant allows you to edit them in bulk. 

With one or more selected, click on "Change Print File." This will bring up the Configure Design screen. With two tabs, one for Product and one for Design, click on Design. This gives you the option to "Choose file." Clicking this takes you to your library. If the image you want isn't already in the library, you'll have to upload it. There's a button at the top for that. Select the new image you wish to use for printing this (or these) variant(s). You'll go back to the Configure Design screen, and once your image is adjusted to your liking, you continue as if you're just creating the variant by clicking "Proceed to mockups." Handle mockups as you normally do. The Printful pages in this area are a little quirky. You may have some issues with the updated image appearing where it should, but syncing should take care of that.

The variant(s) with new print files associated will print on the blanks selected for those variants. Be sure your descriptions and other info make sense. Assuming your variant options are size and color, you would associate the image that prints best on dark media with those variants and the image that prints best on light-colored media on those. 


I mentioned editing in bulk. If you need to change your print file for all of your black shirts, then when you first get to your list of variants in the process above, select all of those color variants using the left hand check boxes. When you select your new print file, it will be attached to all the variants you selected.

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I recently ran into this issue as well. 

  • GO to the Variant Section near the bottom of the Product Page
  • Add new Variant
  • Type in - Color - 
  • type In colors separated by commas ( BLACK, WHITE, GREY.)
  • Then click save.

YOU HAVE TO CLICK SAVE for the next step to work. 

  • Scroll back down to the Variant section and you ll now see a JPEG icon beside the colors.
  • Click the JPEG Icon and upload the  correct image that goes with the color from your PC gallery.


This will link that color Variant to change the product image when they select the different colors. Hope this helps!!!