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Hi All,

We are a building supplies store, and customers have been searching 'Gal'  (trade talk for 'galvanised') to find what products we offer in 'Galvanised'.  However when the user puts 'Gal' into the filter, only a few of the many products we offer are returned.

To me, the filter should return everything with 'Gal' in the title and description irrelvent of the completeness of the word?

Is this a simple change i can make to the search.liquid? if so can someone help :)



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Hi David!

The out of the box search capabilities are based very much on exact search terms. It will only pull up instances where the results contain exactly what the search term was. If you are looking for an advanced search function there are some great apps in our App Store that offer this.

For example:

The apps have slightly different features but I am sure there will be one there that suits your needs.

All the best,

Kerstin | Shopify Guru

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Here's a free alternative for anyone who finds this thread through google and doesn't want to pay for a app:

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Hi, I hope that someone can help please, my name is Nicki & I've been running into a few issues regarding filter/sort by on some pages & mainly in the search result page! Then buyer cannot refine it  or sort by on his search result page.....

▪︎Each search result you should ideally be able to filter by some value, tag, sellers etc.... but now on the search result page, where we need a filter by and sort by options which has dissappeared but was working 2 weeks ago.... At least the filter by seller/vendor was working along with all the other tags etc... meaning 2 weeks ago I could filter by the seller or vendor as well as all the other tags from the drop down. Now the sellers vendors dont show. That's 1. Lol my god I'm stressing.

I'm currently using venture theme.

I do have some other themes with the features I'm looking for, but this is the one we are working on now, maybe at a later stage we might use it for seasonal changes, summer, winter, xmas etc....but I do not want to transfer any other theme at this moment.... as this should not be a big issue, Iam capable of constructing it myself provided that I can use a script or there is a code I need to add to any of the. Liquid files or scripts that someone or experts might have?

As I dont want to rely on stackoverflow or github.  Am I allowed the source code? If not please make these amendments for me, I can give collaborator access etc...

And needs to be designer time.... I have relevant emails saying I do have designer time left etc... please help, I have been troubleshooting this, unnecessarily for 3 weeks now & as I have 300 stores to set up.... gasp. and many other projects.. and future problems regards to gateways when we link all the stores and global.

Does not end here. I purchased the Multi Vendor Plugin by webkl with all its connectors, APP plugins & Mobikls multi vendor plugin too which allows me to link & sync their (vendor/seller) existing e-stores or simply a websites with their products and prices under our Marketplace at the click of a button..... to be seen... hands on to them as I love the platform and and I dont usually go to forums to air out issues, but it's getting to the point I need a diazepam for the stress. As I saw, the friendly atmosphere here on the forums and apart from that fact I think shopify has literally saved my life and will be forever grateful to them as this is booming in 3 months, going global and I'm in Gibraltar where we dont pay tax nor IVA, so if shopify could fix this for me or liaise with webkl, the sooner this gets resolved the sooner we can go full throttle. And start earning our pocket money. Plus we have the best respectable brands in Gibraltar & big opportunities which we are expanding and offices to expand to Ocean Village gibraltar as soon as all this is working,  and functional regards to everything....

My boss might scrap project and we would have to invest in something else.  As we have apps left right and centre being built. See below.

Walking Dead . Games 

Lazertag ₩₩₩ .Games 

₩₩₩.€$|-)¡O/\/@G€.G@( | )€$  

OUR Market Place Gib shopping 

And 3 real estate online portals/ Aswell as customized app for certain world Trade centre startups here at Gibraltar.

We can all get the commissions, as I have 300+ stores, and all the politics & fair trading & lawyer contracts is all set up and I need to link sellers stores ,current existing online stores, and for everything to be synchronised someltenously if they're a re using, shopify, woocommerce, prestat shop etc.... as we have connectors.

I have all these connectors and plugins for the Mob APP at extra (hidden) costs too, hence the urgency as costs are adding up and they cant extend trial because we are  "live" Which is incorrect, as bogus gateways are enabled, and purchases cannot be made + we need to complete 300 linked stores etc and we are still having to pay for all these plugins, connectors, api links and then for the Mobikl APP where I'm asking for simple features, and they're are doing business at half mast maybe because they are afraid we will scrap the.project? Which we wont...

Also I spent 45 min a day from a mobile calling India and america not ideal TBH but to liaise with support on both ends   shopify/webkl as issues are not being resolved and launch date was 1 december....

Relatively surprised but at the same time very concerned. Please Take it as constructive feedback. As webkl is telling me it's a theme issue on your end but then I could filter by the seller or vendor name 2 weeks ago.... and now I cant. Between these mishaps I was also liaising with shopify, which I have tickets etc... into some custom requests which to my extensive knowledge should be very simple. Hence the urgency.


Hence configuring on their end, MVM, webhooks, and sync + API, where man power will be needed on this to retrieve their exports, XML etc... as my plugin allows this to convert it shopify ready for import. But there will be many sellers/vendors where they might not want to sync products or their stores + or is having difficult adding products through the  aforementioned confusion of a  portal using csv. To bulk upload, through Shopify & webkl,  mainly images & accepted csv values, but I've managed to suss it through shopify & And also on stand by because when I scrape my friends store which is powered by shopify, I can add it through the shopify bulk import. But not on webkls portal..... does not make sense as webkls product templates the same as shopify.... hence another problem. Paying continued fees with simple requests. I've have e scraping software as a plan B  Just in case I'll be let down again but I would still run into trouble making it shopify/webkl accepted. In regards if I scrape and then format it to correct format. But that's why we have the connectors for.


1▪︎Filter by / sort by. Or just filter by, on the search result page.... this is definitely the easiest feature to Implement and it's on every major platform & themes. You search for a product - The results come in in.... and then you can filter by whatever you want.. to refine the product you've searched using filters. Not having to go through the 675 product pages of the search result.

Please help I'm repeating .myself alot but I've had to anxiety medication st the frustration that it was working before... and now not... and both parties are juggling, which I dont blame them, but my downtime is costing me health & funds contributing to my pre existing medical conditions.

Especially xmas & January hopefully not... Estimated  sales, of over 6000 products.

Earnings & Revenue - £20k - £45k - 2 months.

We have 25 thousand products at the moment,

And we will be linking store owners and services

The whole of Gibraltar in the palm of your hand

And I have these silly remarks which defeats the purpose of having all these plugins etc..... if we cant filter by seller... I have a found a few fixes on stackoverflow and github, I  dont want edit the .liquid yet as I do not for shopify or web Kl to blame me and even j would have to remove multivendor ApP and reinstall. Where I have all configs setup. This is a last resort that Shopify told me, but right now this is not an option. It cant be hard.

2▪︎I can only filter by or sort by on collection  pages only now, & still the seller/vendor does not show up. Like trends, Mark's and spencer, superdry, straits apparel gadget station and many more.


If someone can help me please. Shopify team..., experts... or a good samaritan.... I will definately make it worth your time, in regards to cash if you can solve or advise me on these 2 simple 102 for dummies edits arghbb or affiliate with each other or any script or code I could add... which In essence I shouldnt as it was working before as described above. I have 2 developers already looking into the matter. Please give me a shout on

+350 54078612- Mob Primary

+350 54032555 - Secondary

+350 20077447 - Main office, HQ,

World Trade Centre,

P.O BOX 923

Mark Valverde


Chief Technology Officer



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Please help. Just a filter on search results page