Venture theme; changing the colour of text in contact form

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Hi there. I'm new to the site but pretty happy with how my site is coming along. I even did my first bit of CSS editing to remove the Tel No. section of the contact form.

But all my searching through the forums can't reveal how to change text colour, but only the text in the contact form.

The Theme Page Body Text is set white as it looks great against the black background. However the Theme Page Body Text also seems to set the text of the contact form. How can I change this? I found what I thought it might be in the CSS but line 303 doesn't do the job.

See pictures below.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


white body text gets lost in the contact formwhite body text gets lost in the contact formadjusting line 303 doesn't get the effectadjusting line 303 doesn't get the effect