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Greetings all,

I have a couple of questions I would like to ask regarding video and reviews for my debut theme site.  

1) I have created a mock up video using PlaceIt that showcases one of my products, however the video doesn't play and in product page it gives me the following warning "To show videos and 3D models on your online store, you may need to update your theme. Learn about media and themes" so I went to the link it suggested, but I could not the code that they talk about in Step 2.  If there is any way at all to make my video work I would appreciate it.

2) I had at one time added the aliexpress review app to my store, but removed it for reasons I can't remember.  I've since added it back, but now none of the reviews I've chosen from aliexpress show up on the product pages I choose.

Thank you,