Volume Discounts and Discount Codes

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On our store we would like to offer volume discounts for our customers, and are currently using an app called Quantity Breaks which has been great to set up discounts (buy 2-3 get 10% off, but 4 or more get 15% off).

We also run promotions with affiliate partners where their audience can use a discount code to get a free product (we create this discount code in Shopify's built-in discount code feature)

However, when a customer has 2 or more items in their cart and the volume discount is applied, there is no option to enter the discount code at checkout. I've discovered this is because Quantity Breaks using the 'draft orders' feature on Shopify to operate which doesn't allow for the discount code option at checkout.


So we need to be able to offer our customers volume discounts, AS WELL as discount codes (or the discount code to take precedent over the volume discount)

Does anyone know of a solution to this issue? I appreciate any insight! :)

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App Selly has quantity break feature that generates discount code automatically.


If customers have another discount code, they can replace Selly code by their code.

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use this app



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Hi, Thank you so much for your suggestion. We already used this app and it was great, but unfortunately since it uses the ‘draft orders’ function on Shopify, it is not compatible with Shopify’s built-in discount codes. Trying to find one that is.