(WARNING) Read This if Your Thinking About Using Shopify

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If you thinking about using shopify DEFINITELY read this!


I started selling on shopify and my store was doing great, about $2k in sales in the first 15 days of launching. We started doing some upgrades to the site and paying more $ for plugins and custom themes and such.


About 20 days after we launched, we got some emails asking why our site was down... Instantly I jumped into shopify to login and see what the issue was. Upon logging into my account, my store was completely gone. So I instantly went and logged into my email to see what happened to our store... not a single email from shopify or the support team. 


After about 3-4 hours talking on live chat to someone who had no idea what I was talking about (asked me 5 times to send the correct URL because that store "is not listed on your account") when I even showed her my payouts from that exact store matching to my email.


FINALLY they decided to tell me that my account was sent to the "Shopify's Risk Operations Team" and I'd get an email within 48-72 hours.


THIS WAS LAST FRIDAY its been 168 hours and I have not gotten a single email even letting me know what happened to my store. Still to this day I have no idea why they deleted my store and WILL NOT even tell me why.


My business was on track to do around $5,000 in the first month and Shopify completely screwed me over. Not sure what to do now as I have emailed them 5 times in the past 3 days without a single response. 

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This scares me. today my site was down and can't contact support or access my own website. I defenitely don't want my site deleted i was finally making some profit.