Waiting List Feature?

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Hi all.

I have a client that needs a pretty specific use case.

She wants the following user flow : 

1. User registers

2. User clicks a 'Join Waiting List' button on the product they want to eventually purchase. Sort of like a pre order button.

3. They get added to a list of users under that item.

Client wants to be able to manually 'activate' each user to allow them to purchase the product (which is a subscription bag).

I was trying some pre order apps but we specifically need to 'manually' activate each person. Everyone else needs to be blocked from purchasing the product.

Any ideas?

Maybe a private app would work best?

I'm a node developer so might try something out with that....


Any help would be appreciated! Merry Christmas!

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Hello Bolle,

Mike here from Shopify, this does sound like an interesting idea. I don't think that there are any apps avail to manually activate your idea. However, since you are only allowing those that are part of this list, and since you are manually doing this action, have you thought about using Shopify's Draft feature? Granted we need to first get these people registered, and entered into your customer database. So you would need a custom product.liquid page (a template that you could associate with the products that are "Join the Waiting List")

Alright lets break it down :)

You have code around, in your theme that you could potentially leverage as your "Join our Wait List" - You could grab the customers info, their info would then appear under the customers tab of your Shopify ADMIN with the tag generated buy the submission form on that product page could appear with that customer. (Now granted credit card numbers would never be saved, or could be in this manner..). You could replicate the customer/register.liquid page with some tweaks to grab that info.

Now that you have that info, you could take that and create your draft. Essentially, creating an invoice with that customers info, and it will allow you to email the invoice with a secure link to the checkout for that specific customer (so really this blocks out others, from purchasing).

I hope this all makes sort of sense and likely you would need a web developer to facilitate and put it all in place, but it isn't all that difficult of a plausible solution. Reaching out to https://experts.shopify.com could be a starting place to begin with, perhaps "Hey Carson" could help too :)

Also, here are some docs I have put together as resources to take from and apply to this situation:

https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/products/allow-pre-orders  - Which should talk you through using an alternative template

https://help.shopify.com/manual/orders/create-orders - How to create a Draft order from the ADMIN

https://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/03/27/login-and-registration-form-with-html5-and-css3/   - Creating an HTML Forum.. with some styling ..

So taking the above forum and using snippets of your customer/register and newsletter forum submit



Then build out your forum to match your criteria in your alternative template that captures the customer that you then create a draft for them to purchase the product only, and block others. 

Now granted you did say you are not a programmer, and there are no apps that I think work sort of like your clients request. But with some help with Shopify Experts, and the work flow I presented could be a way that you could do this for your shop.


-Mike A.






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Hi Mike!

Thanks for your reply.

Will for sure look into using the draft feature for this.
I think, though, to be able to get everything my client is requesting I'll need to build a private app for this. The client has now added more specifications which I think takes it outside the realm of built in Shopify functions sadly :(

Thank you so much though, your post gave me a great idea for another section of the site.


Btw - I am a programmer, in my post I said "I'm a node developer so might try something out with that...." ahaha, by that I meant - 'I am a Node JS developer'

Anyways, thanks!
Have a Merry Christmas!

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Hi Bolle,

Did you end up making that app for your client? I am interested in such feature too :) 

contact me at venteliteau@gmail.com if you have.



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Hey Bolle,

Did you figure this out? I could use some help to build a similar tool.

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Hey Bradley!

Yes I have!! What's your email? I'll get in touch with you via email and explain some details to you.


If you want, email me at patrick@bolle.co

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Hi Bolle!

Did you end up making this work for your client? I am interested in this feature as well! If possible, can you contact me at chala@chalaatelier.com.

Thank you in advance! 





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Hi everyone! It's me, the original poster, back almost 3 years later!


So - after posting this thread I ended up building the waiting list feature for my client - it was complicated to build but absolutely worth it, as my client's entire business runs through the waiting list application now. 


Over the past 6 months I saw this thread being revived over and over again from Shopify store owners wanting this exact same waiting list feature on their Shopify store, so I sat down and decided to build out an easy solution for everyone, so that this thread can finally be laid to rest! 

I present to you:


Product Waiting Lists by Wait.li (by me)

Wait.li is a public Shopify app allowing store owners to create product waiting lists for their products. You can gauge product demand, collect customer emails, measure interest, generate 'exclusivity', and so much more. The app was just released in the app store for $9.99 / month.


@Ventelite_Colla has been helping me over the past few months with beta testing and giving his general opinions on the features and his business needs, for that I can't thank him enough.


@chalaatelier @Bradley  you both replied to this thread requesting this waiting list feature for your stores. I would be overjoyed if you tried out Wait.li and let me know your thoughts on it.


I want this app to solve pain points for store owners, so if you have any questions, requests, or feedback - please send me an email and I can work on figuring out how to help you best. Since the app is still in its infancy, I'm very keen to build in new features to solve your business pain points.


I hope this thread can finally provide some answers to those looking for waiting lists on Shopify - it's obviously a problem that many of us had and I really hope that Wait.li can be the solution you are looking for :) 


If you want more information, check out https://wait.li or feel free to send me an email at hello@wait.li and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Excited to hear from you.