Want to give back to the Shopify community? Here's the chance!

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Have you ever wished that someone had told you the must-have things before you launched your store? Well here is a chance for you to help others out!

Launching a new store can be overwhelming. And more often than not, merchants forget a few essential things before they unveil the curtains of their store. We all know how first impressions stay forever. Therefore it becomes essential to make sure that everything is in place before your store goes live.

We see a lot of stores that go live half-baked and the merchants have no clue what they should be having on their brand new store. To address that, we are writing an article on ‘A must see checklist before you launch your first Shopify Store’.

It would great if you could share the checklist you maintained or mention what merchant should make sure they have when they launch their store? Is it a provision to chat with you, availability of a search bar, optimizing the images, or making sure the privacy policy is in place? It could be anything!

Comment your answer below along with your store name and we will feature it on our blog. You may also get in touch with me if you wish to remain anonymous.