Want to show the products in product list page based on Customer geo location

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We have a requirement to restrict some products needs to be displayed in some countries only like UK and not in France due to licence agreements.  We are going to have only one store and how can we restrict on showing the products when customer logs in from France or other country ?

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Hi there! You could redirect visitors to subdomains of your shop and displaying altered product list, for example, exampleship.com/uk, or exampleshop.com/fr. Or you could set up location specific content on your product page and auto display content of products based on your visitors locations. To implement these, you may potentially use Geo Targetly.

Its Geo Redirect tool can detect your visitors' locations based on IP and auto direct them. You can easily set up redirecting rules within a few steps. You could also use its Geo Content tool. It can alter almost any content on the webpage, such as products, images, texts etc,  and make it dynamically displayed among visitors according to their locations. You can build location segments, each is associated with specific content that editored in built-in HTML editor. Easy to set and integrate.

If you are interested, you could look at details: Geo Targetly