Wanting opinions on my site/business + wanting to grow my conversion/sales

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Hey guys

I'm just wanting an opinion on my shop/site from anyone who can offer some solutions on growing trust and sales/conversion below.


I get about 50-100 visits a day and an average of 2-5 orders a week. It's been like this for months and I'm eager to start to grow it a bit more and increase my conversion rate. 

My bounce rate is about 60-70% and I've checked my landing page speed and i get a score of 82 on desktop and 65 on mobile. Most of my traffic is on mobile devices though and the only way to get a higher score is to minify Java and css script and I've noticed my Instagram app is slowing it alot down.

I have an automated cart abandonedment set of emails that go out via mailchimp, 3hours, 24hours and 48hours after leaving my site with the 48hour email including a discount, but have never brought in a single sale from them.

I've just stared SEO optimisation to, optimising my images and adding alt text (all clean to, so not keyword jamming) and I've noticed my product duplication to so I'm rewriting all the descriptions.

I have a huge Instagram following of 11k although my Facebook page lacks with only 800 followers but I'm working on that to with posts on mummy pages (my target market) 

What else can I work on/add/fix?

I'm up for anything and happy to look at apps and do some research :) 

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Hey there!

Well done on your site, especially well done on ur 11k insta followers. I have only 4.5k ATM for my business and we get about half ur traffic so that makes sense.

You're right that right now u want to increase conversions, honestly I will give u my advice below, but if I was to give you a quick pointer, it'd be to look at the kind of stores you would like to be like that are already doing really well on the internet, and try and see what you like about them and apply that to your store. 

Anyway let me give you my thoughts, I think you should impove your logo, their isn't enough contrast to make the text stand out. So I'd make the text a lot lighter for example. 

I'd love to see less text on the front page and more about showing me the different kinds of products u offer ( I know you do this but if you look at really succesful sites in your niche I'm sure they're showing off their collection on their homepage really well)

Theres too much writing imo, I love that you're conveying you brand or philosophy but no one has time to read that much text,. Just cut it down a little maybe? Just my thoughts

I really like your products and your price points, honestly I can see myself buying those kinds of things at those prices.

All the best of luck :)


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Hey Melissa!

First off, your shop looks great. Your images are all high quality and everything is really well written. Nice job! You say you're making 2-5 sales a week with 50-100 visitors to your store. That's somewhere between a .3% and 1.4% conversion rate. You want to aim for a 1-3% conversion rate so you're on the right track. 

It sounds like you're looking at the right metrics and you just need to optimize a few things to get your conversion rates up and increase your traffic. Here are a few ideas you can try. 

1. You said you're going after mummy groups on Facebook, have you tried going after the mom blogs/youtube channels at all? Since your stuff is all handmade and you're a very good writer, I think this could be a great avenue for high quality traffic. 

2. Your products are very reasonably priced, so I'm not sure you need Afterpay. I don't think affordability is going to be a big problem for your audience. 

3. I see you're using a review app, but very few of your products have reviews. Are you actively going after reviews? I might disable it for now until you have the sales to generate more reviews. Only because, with so many "No reviews yet" notices, it sends the signal that you're not selling much, which can make people more wary about buying. 

I hope this helps and good luck!

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Hi, Melissa! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your store looks great, and your products are adorable! I ended up browsing your items [and your fantastic Instagram feed] as soon as I opened my website; it’s a very welcoming site.

  • There are few changes that I recommend - while I know you won’t be willing to change the name, but Kawaii in a name suggests the items in the style of Japanese baby dolls - unless you started with this kind of designs and expanded to other styles. The name alone doesn’t suggest people will find vintage style baby items in your store. Changing the name to more baby oriented alone can improve your conversion rate [managing and meeting people’s expectations].
  • Your template is very dark [for a baby store] - I would recommend changing the header and footer panels to baby blue or dusty pink or any other soft pastel shade. It will create lovely, baby/mommy friendly aura around your products.
  • Images in the sliding banner are top quality and look professional. You link to the relevant collections and include CTA - perfect. Consider updating the styling of the design elements [colors, buttons, fonts], to make them more baby-oriented [more pastel colors, rounded buttons, and ‘soft’ font].
  • You have plenty of content on your homepage and feature plenty of your products - perfect. I love that you mention AfterPay - that’s an important element for any new parents. Consider drawing more attention to this info, maybe display it in a form of horizontal promo image + text, so your visitors can see this information right away as they land on your homepage. It will help you convert more visitors into paying customers.
  • Collection page - you have beautiful colorful products, and it would be best to display them with only three products in the row [instead of four, as you currently have]. It will add bit more white space around each item, make the images bigger, and help visitors see and examine each product separately. Too many items fighting for a customer attention means that the conversion rate drops, as people can have an impression that all the designs mix into one mish-mash.
  • Product page - your products are descriptive and SEO friendly and you include the related items - perfect. Consider changing the add to cart button from black to more baby niche friendly pastel [green, orange or yellow, which are gender neutral].
  • Our Philosophy - I love this page and it creates an instant connection between you and your shoppers. Consider adding your photo to this page [strong trust signal] and make the content SEO friendly by adding H tags, internal links, and optimizing the text using word cloud. Please watch this video tutorial How to SEO your Shopify Pages now: http://www.rockpapercopy.com/video-tutorials.html
  • Shipping & Returns - an excellent page with plenty of content and information - excellent. Consider also adding your delivery rates table right at the top of the page so people will be able to find the shipping cost right away without the need to read the lengthy page [each small change that makes your customer lives’ easier, and speeds up the shopping process can significantly improve your conversion].
  • Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential shoppers. People buy from people, not from brands, so showing your personality and an expertise through the blog posts will have a major impact on your conversion rate [sales per visits].
  • SEO score: 61/100


You mentioned you are sending cart abandonment emails, which is great; however if they don’t convert, make sure to revise the copy [do it on a regular basis, running A/B tests] until you find the copy that works. Make sure the MailChimp emails are integrated with your store, so they display the items that were abandoned in the cart by each customer. This way customers can click the item and return to their carts and complete the purchase. If MailChimp doesn’t have this function consider getting a relevant cart abandonment Shopify app.

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