Warehouse Theme Blog Tag added to Navigation.

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Hello. So i bought the Warehouse theme and everything was going good until I bumped into a bit of a problem. I notice that you can't add Blog tags to the Navigation bar like you can with products. Is there any reasons why the blogs aren't set up like products, where you can add blogs to multiple "Collection" so to speak. Is there any way this can be changed? 

I previously had the blogs into different groups but then realize that you can't add the blogs to an "All blogs" category. Any help would be super great.

Website: www.evercollection.nyc 

If you click on the Nav menu under "Learn More" under blogs I made different categories. If you scroll down to the bottom of the website you'll see that if Blogs are in different categories, I can't show new blogs that post since the section can show blogs from 1 specific category.