Ways to Improve & Organize Tags ( Feature Request )

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There are a couple things that I think would make tags so much more user-friendly 

Tag Organization:

Within the tag pop up, where you "view all tags," It would be helpful to have the ability to create tag lists or groups. The lists could be organized around attributes.
For a product: a list of colors
For customers: a list of interests etc.

Auto Tags

I know there are a couple apps for this, but considering how it could function similarly to collections, I feel like incorporating it into the platform would be a natural fit. I would like to set conditions for tags to be automatically assigned, just like collections have conditions to auto assign products.

How about you? 

Have anything on your Shopify wishlist as it relates to tags? Have any tag hacks that don't require an app?

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Hi @Beacon 

Thanks a lot for your sharing. There's no doubt that using tags is a great way to insert the searchable keywords involved in your products, and it can save you (and your customers) tons of time. If you have time, I think you should take a look at this article. You'll learn all things about Shopify tags, such as What is Shopify tags, how many types are there, and how to use them effectively.

Hope it helps

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