We make Halloween Props AFTER order is placed and do not keep inventory. Looking for BEST Solution

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Hello, our company is currently considering migrating from Opencart to Shopify. We manufacture Halloween props and animatronics. Most of the items ordered on our website ship in 2-3 weeks because we make them after the order is placed and do not have inventory on all items. We do keep some inventory and in stock items. I am looking for the best solution to deal with this and let customers clearly know upfront expected manufacturing and date until it ships. On our current website we have a little red banner in the corner of each product photo that I can change the dates on. So it can say "Ships 2-3 weeks" or ship "1-2 days" etc. That also appears in the description under stock. Here is an example. https://distortionsunlimited.com/store/distortions-most-popular/nosferatu 

Is there a similar solution in Shopify? Do I need an app? Any recommendations to make it better? I need to be able to change it because we have some large animatronics that may take 6 weeks.