Webhook hitting multiple times & ultimately it get removed .


Our app has a product update webhook for two different app plan with below address :-

Initially a few days ago , we got a webhook failed e-mail for one address  in bulk like approx 100-150 failed emails in a day , from yesterday we are getting webhook fails for other  address .  

When we make changes in any product and save it  ,so logically it should fire webhook or execute our respective webhook file only once , however we tested by printing the date and time in our error log file & noticed that although product was saved only once  but error log file shows it was hit around 10-15 times & still going on at regular intervals .

So due to overhitting it ultimately goes to remove the webhook for the store . So please advise on the same .

According to shopify documentation or forum study we have already returned 200 responses . 

like :-  (we have built our app in php)

header("HTTPS/1.1 200 OK"); added after $current = file_get_contents('php://input'); &  http_response_code(200); at the end of file .


We are in great trouble as on a daily basis we have to recreate webhooks for around 100-200 stores which is quite a lot work & most importantly harmful for our app functions . Hoping to get the valid solution from your end asap.

vikas verma
shine dezign infonet