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We are currently doing vegetable sale and delivery. We intend to create an online presence with Shopify.  We came across these issue when we are adding vegetables.


For example we got 100KG of Cabbages. In the site we can put as 250g,500g,  1KG options for our customer.

1st issue 

If customer purchase 1unit of 250g and 1 unit of 500g, that means he required total of 750g.  So in the inventory it should reduced to 100Kg - 750g . But the problem is, it doesn't clearly reduced in the inventory as a lot. But instead of 1 from 250 and 1 from 500g.  Is there a way to resolve it without keeping only 250G option?

2nd issue


In practical scenario, one of our staff member will measure the cabbages . lets say customer requires 1Kg. But when we add the cabbages in real life it won't turnout exactly 1 Kg. For the time being lets take theres about plus or minus 50g difference. 

1. How do we arrange this variant in the payment for customer?

2. How do we record this varient in inventroy . (This is the essential one, large number of orders with small variations can lead to large weight variance at the end of the day in inventory . How to resolve it. Any app we can use?



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There is an app called connected inventory that we used in the past for creating bundles that might work for issue #1.


I'm thinking you could put your inventory in by the gram instead of by the KG.


So, say you have 5 KG of cabbage, enter that you have an inventory of 5000g.


Add the 250g, 500g variants, etc. and put them at 0 inventory to start.

In connected inventory app, set the variants as a 'Parent' to a bundle, and set the bundle as a quantity of the main product (i.e. the 250g variant is a bundle parent, and set it as a bundle of 250 of the main cabbage product).


Hope this helps. I'm not sure offhand of a solution to issue 2, but I will come back if I think of something.

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Thank you very much

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Hey just wanted to ask if this app worked for you? 

Im also facing the same issue #1 

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That app "connected inventory" doesn't work for this scenario unfortunately. It goes in a similiar direction and enables you to do 2 things:


1. create bundles: sell one "bundle" product that deducts the stock of multiple variants of any products.

2. shared inventory among variants: deduct the same amount of inventory of any variant -> weird, because this seems to be much less useful.


I will contact the developer of this app and maybe get him to implement the scenario that we need: shared inventory among variants, but with different deduction depending on the variant sold.


Keep you updated here.