What Am I Missing? No Sales :(

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We have no sales ...
For more than 4 months I have invested my thought in this store.
I went through everything I think the store looks great and also the product pages and pages on Facebook and Instagram.
Can you give me real and complete feedback on what is missing in the store and about the right marketing?
My Website:https://litonixgadgets.com
My Facebook Page: LitonixGadgets
My Instagram Account: LitonixGadgets

I am doing the Facebook strategy of the 5 Ad Sets and I still have not got sales
If anyone has a good advice or guide to start getting sales I will be happy to recive it.

Right now I'm in a situation where I do not know whether to continue

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Hi Nadav, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great work on your store so far. I can see you've put a lot of work into it. There are a few things I noticed which you could add/ change which I spotted. Let's take a look at them below:

  • The first thing I noticed is that there is no About Us page. This is something I would definitely recommend looking into adding one. The About Us page lets you tell your story and why the store is here. People love stories and when you tell yours it's a great way to get store visitors emotionally invested in your store which will, in turn, encourage them to buy something. The content team at Shopify wrote a great blog article about how to write a persuasive About Us page which you might find useful. 
  • I noticed the section on your homepage was called  Most Popular Items. This is good to highlight some of the more popular items in your store, but I feel there are too many in your section. I would maybe limit it to 3 or 4 maximum to really show the top items in your store. By having so many it takes away the credibility of the title for the products and could put people off
  • You mentioned you tried Facebook ads which is great to see and that you have tried 5 ad sets. This is a good technique, but I'll take it one step further for you. There is a specific technique called the 3x3x3 method. It starts out by creating 3 different ads for 3 different audiences with 3 different sets of copy/ images with a small but similar budget for each. After some time, you'll see some of the ads performing better than others and you can begin to drop off the ads which aren't working as well and increase the budget on the ones which are to reach your key audiences. There is a great guide which goes into more detail on it which you can find here. Facebook ads can be difficult to figure out at the best of times, but it is something which takes some testing to find the right audience for your store. 

I hope this helps and gives you some good direction going forward. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Nadav, 

Your store does look pretty good. Your focus now should be on testing ads and finding winning products. Once you've found a winner, it's time to scale up. 

Just because you haven't found a winning product / ad set yet doesn't mean you can't make it work. It does take some testing, some time, just like learning any other skill. You didn't quit college after 3 months, did you? 

Here's a video by our coach Ryan where he shows how to set up Facebook ads: 


Good luck on your Shopify journey. 

If you need any more help feel free to email me at info@21brands.com 



Koen West from 21Brands.com

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I am in the same boat as you but reaching my 9 month in no sales.

Your website looks sweet. Very good job. Just hang in there.

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Hi Nadav! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your niche is fantastic, and you have passion for your business, which is vital as well. Your social media content is fantastic - I absolutely love the revolving car mug with extra rings, it looks great!

Your homepage looks great - you have a top navigation at the top and a featured image with a short tagline and a CTA button, perfect. Your conversion will be better, if you were to use something more specific as a tagline. “It’s time to make a change” sounds a little vague to let people know what you are selling. Make sure to be more specific and people will feel more confident shopping with you, as they’d know what to expect. When they open the homepage and cannot see what you are offering, they might leave without scrolling down. Make sure to connect with your website visitors right away and tell them what you are selling, so they know they’re in the right place to find what they need. You can say “Upgrade your driving experience” as you do in your meta title, and below mention: “Shop car accessories and gadgets” and add a benefit, such as: “comfortable journey, smooth traveling” etc. By adding a benefit, you will feel they have much stronger reason to shop with you, as they’d want to improve their car journeys. This time of year is great for your niche, with people traveling long distances to see families etc. So make sure to tie it in with your content marketing strategy.

Consider featuring the blog posts underneath the featured products on your homepage - they seem to have more prominent position, yet they should be featured as supporting content, and the products as the main content [above]. This way, the focus of your visitors will be directly on the products, and not on the articles, which will help you improve your conversion rate.

The featured products look great, although I do have a few design suggestions, that can help you further boost your conversion rate. The add to cart button underneath each product is of such a strong color, that it almost distracts from looking at the product. It hogs the spotlight :) Especially that it’s displayed many times, it almost draws attention from the products and the titles. Consider either changing the color of the button to something less distracting, or don’t display it on the collection page, and only on the product page.

Consider also displaying three items per row instead of four. It will spread the items evenly across the row, make the images bigger, and easier to see, which will help your visitors distinct the products much easier.

I agree with Nick about adding trust signals: about us page, contact us page, shipping policy etc. Make sure also to have unique content on your returns page, as the default Shopify policy mentions items you do not sell, which can be confusing for the buyers.

Consider adding a detailed Shipping policy with your delivery rates and info of the international/domestic shipping. You seem to have some info in the FAQs page, and it would be better to feature the shipping policy as a separate page and link to it from your navigation, so people can locate it right away. Many online shoppers often look for this info before placing an order, to find out the shipping cost, so having this page easy to find can also help you boost your conversion rate.

Having a contact us page in your navigation with clearly displayed contact info can also help you earn more trust of your buyers, and improve your conversion rate.

When it comes to driving sales, great looking website and traffic are not all. You need to make sure the traffic that comes to you is relevant to your niche as well. It means that your visitors are interested in your products, and are ready to buy, credit card in hand. That’s the only way to improve your conversion rate.

How to find the most relevant traffic?

You need to make sure you defined your target audience and you know who is your perfect buyer. Then you need to know where to find them - whether it’s on the car discussion forums, specialist groups for car enthusiasts, or perhaps you want to target family people, who just want to improve the car journey for their families.

Once you decide who’s your target customer, you should know which phrases they use to look for your type of product - which keywords they put in Google when shopping for car accessories. Once you discover that, optimize your website with these keywords, use them in your product titles, blog posts, marketing materials etc. in order to be found by your target customer. This way, when people search for these keywords, they will find you in Google results. 

If you’d like to learn how to find the best converting transactional keywords for your niche, please check this article here: https://rockpapercopy.info/keyword-research/

Optimize your website today and drive most converting traffic with one of our bestselling SEO packages: https://rockpapercopy.info/seo/

If you’d like to learn more on how to improve your conversion rate and create a marketing strategy for your niche, make sure to book your 60 minutes consultation today. I can then prepare a custom strategy for you, which you can use when promoting your products. Click here to book your consultation today: https://calendly.com/rockpapercopy/skype-consultation/

Hope it helps, and if you have any questions regarding optimizing your website, please email me at maggie@rockpapercopy.info

Best regards,


Shopify Partner | Ecommerce expert

Rock Paper Copy  

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Community Manager
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Hi, Christopher, 

I saw your message and took a look at your store also. There were a few things I noticed which could be altered. I like the images in the main header slideshow but perhaps it gives off the wrong idea. I thought it was a comic book style store initially before I scrolled down further. The other thing I noticed was there are a lot of products. It could be worth focusing on a select few products and master the process and put yourself in a good place to then add more. I've found that having a lot of products isn't always beneficial, and less can be more here. I think the rest of the website is good and laid out very well and with a few changes you can get some initial sales. 

One thing I would suggest is a Shipping information/ returns page. A lot of the products you are selling seem to be quite expensive and giving people more information on the shipping could ease their minds on the shipping process and hopefully encourage them to buy. The content team at Oberlo a partner of Shopify wrote a blog post with some examples of Shipping pages that are good which you can see here

Don't hesitate to reach out or talk to our support team should you need or have any other questions about anything either. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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