What Happened to my Conversions?!

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My site's been running since April and has steadily been growing week on week.

Most of my traffic is from google ads, where I have a average CTR of nearly 5%, and it's been very consistent.

Everything was going well until all of a sudden on September 27th my sales stopped.

I still get the same number of visitors, but nobody's buying anything. I've checked adwords, paypal, run though the checkout process myself, basically everything I can think of and everything seems fine. I'm at an utter loss.

I would really appreciate it if any of you could help me out :)

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Hi Drone Warehouse!:

Maybe you have to renew your keywords or increase your daily budget in order to create more impressions and clicks.

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Hi guys! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your website is excellent, you use good quality images and inform visitors of your offer above the fold [drones] - perfect. It is easy to navigate and you already have a strong social media presence. 

Make sure to add more details to your about us page and have dedicated Shipping and Returns policy with plenty of details [don't hide them under FAQ label]. Make it easy for people to find necessary info within only few clicks, it you will improve your conversion.

I'm not an expert in drone niche, but there has recently been an update on a drone usage policy, maybe this has something to do with a sudden drop in sales?



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I have gonne through your website and it seem absolutly fine the reason for decrease in your conversions could be social media marketing strategy, also as holidays are coming up every one is offering discount so you can also try some discount offers with pop ups on your home page. Hope that help





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I would check to see if competition started selling drones in New Zealand at a lower price than you, or similar. Perhaps someone grabbed your customers away.

The other factor could be the competiveness of drone keywords. Perhaps someone is outbidding you for your most important keywords and subsequently pushing your ads down to the point where they just no being seen frequently enough.

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Hi there,

I am exactly the same. I started steadily then come 24th September, nothing! Quite a few other friends seem to be in the boat.  Christmas is coming and lots of people are shopping around. Stay strong!

Thanks Caz
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Did you try retargetting? Google Adwords offer them or you can use solutions like AdRoll. Also be aware that advertising on Facebook is very different than Adwords.