What am I doing wrong?


Great question Lynn!

I'm very transparent about what tools that I use for my biggest million dollar clients (one such as http://krakenkratom.com who I work for as an SEO full time)

  1. Ahrefs $150/month - This is a go-to-tool for nearly everything you need to track and manage your SEO. With Ahrefs, you can track your backlinks, links coming in, links going out, domains backlinking to you, track your keywords, keyword explorer, competitors keywords, organic keywords, competitors top content, competitors rank, keywords your competitors are using that you aren't, track your domain authority, track your web rank, find all web content with your keyword (great for article research), show all your web errors, tell you how to improve your SEO, and so much more.
  2. Woorank $150/month - This is a fantastic tool which summarizes all your SEO factors into one clean report. It gives you a full diagnostic and health report on aspects of your website that affect your SEO, but you'd otherwise never think about. You can find an example of our Woorank report here.
  3. Majestic $50/month - Majestic offers some of the great features that Ahrefs has, with the addition of a great metric known as Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which helps determine how trustworthy you site is. The higher your TF and CF, the higher Google will rank you. We will also generate a report for you from Majestic free of charge.
  4. ScreamingFrog $100 - This is a great tool which crawls your website exactly as Google does. As it crawls your site, it analyzes every aspect of each page, and will document errors such as duplicate meta titles, multiple H1 tags, meta descriptions and page titles that are too long, and any broken links and images on your site. We will immediately report anything we find concerning. 
  5. Moz Toolbar Extension FREE. This is a fun one! It's free, and for any page it will tell you the Domain Authority, Page Rank, on site SEO such as Meta Titles and H1 tags, and one very, VERY powerful tool. This tool scans all links on a page and highlights which ones are "dofollow" or "nofollow." While this isn't important to most business owners, it's one of my secret weapons. That's too long of a discussion to list here though ;)

Other notable mentions include a great Chrome extension called "Keywords Everywhere," which tells you search volume for any keyword and CPC for that keyword. Wappalyzer and Dataynze which uncover the technologies how a website is built, what apps/extensions its running, along with other very useful information.

Note that all these tools could run you easily over $400/month but I do offer the same exact tools, which my expertise knowledge of how to use them, and provide you with the same data for only $15/month.

You can find more about that here.

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Hey Michael,

I have been reading the whole discussion, and it is alot of interesting things that i will work on, but my problem is, i have had over 1000 visitors only the last 3 months and no sale at all,  I havent had even one sale since i started my shop.

I have no idea why and wondering if my prices is to high or what else can it be that is wrong with my site. I dont think my prices is to high, because i offer "free" shipping over $100 but because of that i put the prices up just a little to cover some of that cost. maybe i should drop the free shipping and go back to my normal prices advised by my droppshipper? 

Would you be able to take a look at it and see if something is wrong?


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