What am i missing?

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 I need help I dont know what I'm missing in my store ?


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Hi @Username16 

Your store looks good. Everything's perfect. It seems that your store sells only one product and I'd recommend you try to sell more kind of air conditioner, a multiple-product store would sale better( because the visitors would have multiple choice to buy).

By the way, while doing your business on Shopify, if you have any trouble, I'd recommend you read this Shopify guide series.

Hope it helps!

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Hey there @Username16 ! That's a nice single-product store out there! Here's what I'd like to suggest - 

1. When you scroll down your homepage, you see the same image being there in 3 blocks. Don't do that! Have a carousel view and get 1 image uploaded there. 

2. This product doesn't have a description!



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It seems your store is not live now. In the meantime, would you mind looking at my air purifier store here at https://bestairpurifier2021.com

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I additionally prefer a purifier in my house i imply now not for certain for my residence however atleast in my room purpose its surely gives a sensational feeling lol i use to play video video games all of the day.