What are apps that you NEED from Shopify app store

Hi Mark,

Congratulations on your new store. According to a research every shopify store uses 4 apps on an average to make the store great for users and boost sales. 

You don't need to worry. First try to find out what you want from an app then according to your requirement choose a relevant app from app store and start using it. Shopify app store is having a lot of apps for almost all the requirement of an store. 

I recently tried writing a blog post on similar issue, have a look and I think it will help you in choosing apps on app store: https://www.iqlect.com/blog/what-are-the-issues-shopify-merchants-face-in-e-commerce-analytics-and-h...

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Hi Mark, 

There any many useful apps that you should install to boost sales. However, this can depend on your field. You can install 1 app about Currency Converter that will help your customers convert any currency they want. I believe that Currency Converter Box will do its best mission. 

Besides, you can install a Discount Master app that will help you create 3 features such as Discount campaign, countdown timer and stock countdown. If you want to find more information, please click the link below: 
Hope that you will have a nice day!

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Hi Mark and all other Shopify merchants,

David's point above is very pertinent re: targeting and focusing on the exact problem. This will most likely fall into the following key areas.

1. Traffic acqusition

2. Frictionless experience - minimal clicks in store and logical/intuitive layout

3. Build trust - shopper engagement with relevant and credible information to assist the purchase

4. Checkout - close, cross and upsell

5. Cart recovery - saving shoppers who 'fall out' of the checkout process (up to 65% churn here)

6. Feedback and reviews - to improve service and product stocking decisions


The difficult thing is that you probably need to think about how to address most, if not all of the above simultaneously...but without traffic 2-6 are irrelevant.

We have just launched a product review and Q&A app, HelpfulCrowd which assists in points 3 and 6 above.

We also feel that point 5 above is a very important feature noteworthy of looking into further and there are a number of good apps that help with cart recovery.

Best of luck in the upcoming sales season!

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Hello Mark,

There are countless apps on the Shopify store; most of which provide similar services. I would say it depends on what you want to achieve. However, as a business owner, I can assume that you would want to drive traffic and boost sales; and one way to do that is through review curation. According to this article by Forbes and several others, we can tell how reviews can help a business grow. One review app I can recommend is the Kudobuzz Social Reviews App. It helps collect reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and display them on your website. There are several features you can explore with this app. The best part? It has a free plan. Here’s a link to get you started: https://apps.shopify.com/kudobuzz-testimonials.

I hope this helps!



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Since you are new to this I suggest you follow these critical must-have categories for you to begin with your online store. I will choose all the best free apps so you can optimize your budget.

1. Analytics & Reporting Apps

If you don't have this kind of app then please don't open your store. Analytics & Reporting helps you understand your customers' behaviors, traffics, campaigns...

Chosen apps: Ecomfit, Hotjar (Use both apps, they serve different target)

2. Marketing & Conversion Apps

These app will help you with optimize your online store and the Marketing process.

Chosen Apps: Mailchimp, BoldUpsell, Recart

3. Customer Support

The best Marketing strategy of all is customer satisfaction

Chosen Apps: Facebook Chat Box, Zendesk

4. Advertising & SEO:

After complete all of the above you should go and bring product to your customer right?

Chosen Apps: Kit, Seo Image Optimizer

These are the basic apps for you to start an online store. You will install more specific app when you are getting bigger at you scaling.

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Hi, Mark.

I would advise you to use some sales driven app for sure. It is known that upsell to your existing customer is cheaper rather than attracting new ones. At the same time communicating with your clients is a good way to create a loyal audience. See at these apps:

Abandoned cart - to remind your customers their products are waiting for them.

Upsell by email - to suggest something else your customer may need.

Free shipping and Hello Bar - to motivate customers to buy more suggesting them gifts, discounts or free shipping when they meet the terms and conditions of the quantity.

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Big thread, many good suggestions. You defintely want to focus on conversion optimization apps to boost sales. The rest can be added later if you run into any hassle with running your store. 

I suggest you add these to any new store you build:

Countdown Cart by Beeketing: Shows a countdown timer on product pages which creates a sense of urgency to buy it now. Will help you boost sales by a lot

Sales Pop by Beeketing: Shows a little pop-up visitors see that shows recent sales made. Great social proof. 

Abandonment Protector by Chilliapps: Sends an email to people who have abandoned their cart. This app WILL convert a percentage of visitors who abandoned their cart into sales. 

I wrote a blog post about "8 Killer FREE Shopify Apps to Increase Conversions by 527%" if you need more suggestions. 


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It is very interesting. The new and very useful knowledge thanks.