What are the Ways to Hide products in shopify store

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I want to hide products which are hidden on shopify store.
while I search products or visit collection product listing.

I have observed that there are two ways to hide products from shopify store
1. by making published_at parameter null i.e by unchecking visibility on online store.(most common way)
2. some apps used some Tags to hide their products.

We are currently using the 1st way to hide products, and We are facing difficulty in hiding the products, as few products still visible on store.
As their must be some other ways to it.
What are the other ways to hide product in shopify store?

also below url post mentioned that Shopify now has support for hiding products, collections, pages, and articles.
what is this? and how to be implemented it with developer point of view.


What difficulties are you facing when hiding a product? The first method you shared is what's common and it's simple.

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Thanks for reply,

First method is working fine for us, we are just curious about other ways of hiding products.

Scenario : One of our client has some hidden products and are hidden on webstore but can be seen on mobile app because we are not getting published_at as null for those products (i.e. published_at has some value in it). 

One more thing we observed, products which are hidden, either has price zero or has tag "Hidden".

Can you please let us how to hide them OR  other ways of hidding products?