What happened to Shopify Support?!

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It is Saturday - our store is busy - and the POS app has been buggy all day. But I can not talk to a support person!! When I call the support line it tells me to go to a webpage and request a callback. When I go the webpage there is only an option for chat. When I select chat it just tells me I am "In the queue".

This is unacceptable. Hire some customer service agents and put them on the phone. This is not rocket science. But it will lose you customers if it continues.

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Agree. Has gone downhill fast. 1+ hour wait times is unacceptable Shopify. 

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The customer support phone number only directs me to the site.  This is so frustrating as my mobile app isn't loading anymore.  What am I paying for if I can't get help?

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Out of curiosity, what are you experiencing when you say the POS app is buggy? I'm considering switching to Shopify POS from my current cloud POS provider because the server goes down too often. What issues are typical with Shopify POS?

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Hi Alyssa,

I recently switched to Shopify POS from another vendor. Overall, I am very happy with the switch. Don't let this one rant of mine scare you off. I recommend the app/service.

What I experienced that day seems to be a one off occurrence which combined some weird flakiness in the POS app with an inability to get in touch with support. Up to that point Shopify support has been stellar. Although nobody has been able to explain what happened that day, it has also not recurred. And, happily, I have had no further issues with getting support.

All software is prone to having rough edges. I have found Shopify to be better than most (certainly better than the last vendor). The combination of a strong online store, an intuitive POS, a single inventory for both, and a great price makes this a winner.

As for what the problem was with the POS: there were two things that were bothersome that day:

1 - there was a strange error message that appeared when adding items to an order at checkout. This was annoying, but did not stop any sales.

2. - the Cash option for taking payment inexplicably disappeared from the POS. It was intermittent. And, mostly didn't cause any sales to go south.

My frustration, which came out in this post, was mostly about not being able to get support on the line during a busy day. My guess is that with the Covid work environment and, what I am guessing, was a big load on support at that time (probably over the same issue) that I just hit them at a bad time.

Anyway - good luck with your decision process. I just went through that a couple of months ago and I am happy to be on the other side.


@AlyssaJakesIn this day and age you really should not be having your POS servers go down!

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I totally agree. There is no number to call. The wait for the live chat is insanely long. And when you finally do get to "chat" with someone it's obvious they are chatting with so many other people because it takes several minutes before they reply to even the simplest questions (ones for which I know they would not have to look up answers). I am so frustrated by how poor the customer service has become!