What happens to discount code if customer doesn't use full amount?

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If we create a discount code and don't add a minimum purchase, what happens if they use less than the discount amount on an order?  Does the discount still stay active with the remainder still associated with the discount name? 

For example, we create a discount code for $25...and don't specify a minimum...and the customers total order is only $10.  What happens to the $10 remaining?



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Hi @artisticworks 

Discount codes are not like gift cards. There is no 'remaining balance'. You can set discount codes to only be usable one time per person or have an unlimited number of uses. When there is no limit set to the number of uses, the discount code is worth the same amount every transaction regardless of previous use. When set to a limit of one use per customer, it can only be used in one transaction, regardless if the full amount of the discount is applied or not.