What have you automated?

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Question for you about Mass Planner. Are you running the software on a dedicated computer or on the cloud? 

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Happy to chime in here.  FRESHeTECH has been around for just over 3 years and has used many different automated solutions.  I will list the ones we currently use:

Currently Use:

HelloBar - Like most e-commerce sites, the majority of people don't buy products from our site who visit us.  There are many popups that cover the whole screen and offer 10-15% off if you enter your email address.  Previously we have tried this and the only people who enter their email address are customers that are actually buying a product.  The other issue is that when people X out and don't enter their email address, they email us asking for the discount and create more work for customer service.  We use HelloBar to popup on the bottom right of the page for a Sweepstakes we put on once per month.  We discovered that we are getting roughly 9% of everyone who visits our website to enter the raffle, increasing the amount of email addresses we collect by thousands per month.

Abandoned Cart Email - When you abandon our cart, you receive what  looks like a personal email from a team member asking why they didn't buy from us...No bells and whistles or discounts.  This seems to be converting better than discounts.

Zapier - We sell about 75% through wholesale.  Sometimes those customers who purchased from someplace else reach out to our team and we want to make sure to invite those people to join our email list, so we connect our customer service Gmail account to a Mailchimp list.

Upsell Shopify App By Bold Commerce - We use this as a final opportunity for an incremental sale.  I will leave you to add something to our cart to see exactly how we set it up (try it out here).

YesWare - We use Yesware to schedule emails in the future and our customer service team uses the templates feature to expedite customer service responses.

ViralSweep - We are constantly trying to find new cutomers and use Facebook ads with a sweepstakes to get them.  We use ViralSweep to manage these.

Xero - Helps automate accounting.

Salesloft - Amazing utility for automating mass B2B sales outreach through personal emails.




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David Warby about the time investment when thread popularity tapers off i'll get into that don't want to derail this steam, and i need to clean up my spreadsheet for sharing.

Jerome Gagnon-Voyer, forums could use some good posts on using slack(anything really) for team communication, could even reach out to shopify to do a guest post on the blog for some easy exposure.

Adam Schwartz about hellobar , you should hit the marketing forum with your experience with hellobar and email collection behavior, that is a great percentage and example of how to use "widgets" properly without alienating audiences. Out of the way but with strong imagery. 

you receive what  looks like a personal email 

Have you had any issues when a user responds directly to the abandonded email instead of clicking through to the cart?


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Hi everybody!

You can automate your sales process in your own video game shop thanks to this shopify app: https://apps.shopify.com/codeswholesale-com

The most interesting feauture of REST API from CodesWholesale.com is that you don't have to invest in stocking up products.

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We want them to respond to the email.  This give our customer service team a chance to understand why they didn't purchase from us.  The usual responses are:

- "I didn't know how to enter the promo code" and in this case we use Shopify's new "create order" option to help our customers.

- "It seemed more expensive than I wanted to spend."  In this case, where we have an active promo code, we try to help meet their price-point.

- A general question about the product.

Our business has alot of existing promo codes, so most customers already have one.  Incentivizing the abandoned cart with a discount seems to confuse more than help sicne you can only use one promo code at once.

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Really great content on this thread. Lots of holistic automation tips I can share with our clients, so thank you.

David Warby - Do you just have the three automated emails running? If you want some more info on email automation let me know and I can send you a guide we just produced.



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Hi all

you can also try to use FirePush - fully automated browser push notification system for shopify stores. A ready to install, one stop solution for all your push notification needs. No mobile app required. 

Automated push notifications tailored to fit each customer. Sends Mobile and desktop browser push notifications that match the unique profile set up by your customer, helping you to maximise their purchasing potential.

Cart abandonment pushes. This will send 3 push notifications to users who have abandoned their shopping carts, giving you more opportunities to complete each sale.

Order delivery notifications. Update your customer every step of the way on every delivery.

Price drop push. It will allow your shoppers to subscribe for the price drop alerts. Push notification will be sent to all subscribed users once the price of the product goes down

Promotional push. Get your product info out to literally thousands with just one click. Our Promo push will let you spread the word about your latest deals and newest products to your entire subscriber network, giving your store a real sales push where it matters.

Admin pushes. Keep up to date with sales, orders and stock levels with your specially tailored Shop Owner Update pushes

Back in stock push. Let your customers create wish-lists of those in demand and out of stock items. This will make them feel they are first in line when the item is back in stock.

Coupon code. Reward your new push notification subscribers with special discount code pushes.

Welcome push. Welcomes all new subscribers and allows them to familiarize themselves with the format.

You can find FirePush app here

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I am very interested in how you create product-specific eMails. I have a Zapier account too although I have used it for just a few narrow scenarios so far.

Can you expand a little on what services/tools you use within Zapier to parse a Shopify order and how you implement conditional logic based on products ordered?


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@Mark, I use a FILTER featuring "LINE ITEMS contains" logic. The subsequent step creats a Help Scout conversation (and could easily be just an email).


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Hey guys, 

Interesting discussion here. Can't miss an opportunity to promote my services. I hope you won't label me out as a spammer at once ;) I think this is relevant to the topic.

We at http://99rabbits.com are specialising at workflow automation for ecommerce and Shopify stores in particular. We've already created automations for a few stores. Use cases include:

  • tag orders with the particular payment method

  • tag orders that are to be delivered to certain zip codes (think offshore shipping destinations in the UK)

  • tag customers that bought VIP pass to the exclusive product collection so they could access it (with Locksmith Shopify app)

  • tag customers based on their total spent amount and brands they bought

Those are just a few examples of the automations we can create. Possibilities aren't limited to customers/orders tagging. We can parse orders from Shopify as they come in, get all products and customer data and do whatever you want with them: send promotional emails and text messages, copy to your accounting app, post to social media, notify store owner, etc, etc.

We use Mandrill (Mailchimp app) to send emails, Unisender and Twilio for text messages, Telegram bot for store owner notifications. 

BTW, did you know that you can create beautiful responsive email templates for your store with https://www.klaviyo.com/ free account?

We're just starting out, so the prices for our services are really low. Especially, comparing with the amount of time you as store owners can free up. For example, a simple automation that adds product brand to the customer profile as a tag cost our client as low as 35$.

Please drop me a line at stas@99rabbits.com if you are interested.

★ Shopify Customer/Order Auto Tag App → 99rabbits.com ★