What is a theme and which one should I choose?

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A Shopify theme is a template on which to build a Shopify store. If you’ve ever used PowerPoint, think about the templates there. You can get a template with 2 vertical columns, a template with 3 horizontal columns etc that you can then drop in your text or witty image of a cat looking scared. A Shopify theme is essentially that, it’s a template that you can customize, depending on how you want your store to look.

In terms of choosing a template, this should be based on two key factors:

a) Your budget
b) Your target market

In terms of your budget, Shopify does provide a series of free templates that can be used to customize in order to build your store. Whilst these are functional and of course, free, free templates have less inbuilt functionality than paid themes. This means that going forward, you’ll need to either develop your development skills or pay for a developer to undertake work for you, if you wish to develop a highly customized Shopify store. Paid templates (on average $160-$350) give you many more options from the outset, as well as reducing the potential need to develop skills or pay for development work going forward.

With respect to target market, it’s important to think about:

  • Will most of your target market be shopping on mobile or desktop?
  • Are you mainly selling products or services to your target market?
  • What will the expectation of your site be from your target market, based on their experiences with your competitors?

For many clients that we work with, the answers tend to be:

  • Mobile.
  • Products.
  • Fast, easy to navigate, slick user experience.

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