What is going on with Shopify?

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Okay, this is a rant but I'm genuinely concerned with the direction of Shopify as a company. I've been working with Shopify since somewhere around 2006-ish and became a partner around 2011ish...it's been a while. I've brought many clients to the platform because, historically, it's been hands down the best platform out there for those of us who are building on it. I've also built several of my own stores on the platform. In recent years, however, it seems to be heading into the **bleep**. It just feels like money grab after money grab and Shopify is always trying to find ways to take more money from their paying merchants. 

Look, I get that they're a publicly traded company now and they have to answer to shareholders. I also get that, in order to continue to build value into the platform, sometimes prices need to go up. But it gets to be a little old when it becomes very obvious what's happening. Even more frustrating when on numerous occasions, I've had the platform fail me and have lost out on significant revenue - yet I'm still forced into price increases. 

One of my largest clients processes millions of dollars in revenue through Shopify and has been a long time customer - I created their account back in 2015. Since then we've been through several pricing increases, payment processing fee increases, plenty of downtime, decreased support responsiveness and...most recently...I was told that our account was no longer a valid account and that if we made any changes to it, we would have to move to the new plan. We've been on the "Advanced" Shopify plan since 2015 which runs $299/month. Add to that the "POS Pro" account and that puts us upwards of $400/month. It's not insignificant but Shopify powers a big part of our business so those prices are acceptable and we've never really run into limitations. After having to pull teeth to get answers from support on what exactly was changing on the plan I'm told that the new plan only allows 15 users. To be clear, there is not another plan above this...this is the most expensive plan so short of becoming a Shopify Plus customer which will run us over $2,000 month...at least...there are no other options. Luckily, we are grandfathered in but I have no doubt that the time will come when this limitation is forced upon us. After pressing harder and asking what happens if we need more than 15 users (can we pay extra for extra users?) I'm told that's not an option and that the only option is to move to Shopify Plus - but that's only for merchants that are "eligible". WTF. So, if you need more than 15 users you can't have it unless you move to Shopify Plus but you can't jump to Shopify Plus unless we say you're eligible. Shopify Plus would provide zero extra benefit to us so the $2k/month price tag seems absurd. We're completely content with our existing plan, we don't need anything else but why impose this limitation and not provide any viable alternatives short of Shopify Plus. Are you just trying to force customers into Shopify Plus?

This can't be what Tobi had envisioned. I've long believed Shopify was here to help us small businesses but every day it feels more and more like it's the opposite. Who knows, maybe I'm the odd ball out here. I know there's a huge eco system that enables partners and experts to make a significant amount of revenue from building, launching and maintaining shops but for the first time in over 10 years I find myself looking at alternative options which is incredibly surprising to me. Am I the only one that's experiencing this? 

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Nice rant, totally agree.  They really dont care about small businesses other than the $$$.  Not only is the new pos a greed move it doesn't even make financial sense.  The real profit is in the processing fees they have us trapped into use since adding an outside processor to shopify is an extra 1% on top of the regular fees.  Well it used to be fine when I liked using the POS, but now that the POS is unusable we are switching to clover and taking our processing fees with us.  So the con to squeeze an extra $89 out of me just cost them hundreds in lost processing fees. And there is not dollar value on all the ill will they are getting.  I used to recommend shopify to everyone, now I just talk about how much I hate it.