What is the best app for measuring inventory.

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Just a quick question
I am selling perfume oil on shopify, what’s the best app for tracking my inventory.

I’m selling my perfume oil’s in
5ml, 10ml, and 20ml bottles.

So I have bottles of 100ml and when customers order come,
I pour the perfume oil in bottle of 5ml, 10ml or 20ml according to their order and ship it.

How will I put that in my inventory?

Because if I put 2x 5ml in stock
5x 10ml in stock
And 2x 20ml in stock
That’s 100ml all together.

So for instance if I sell both my 20ml
It’ll show that it’s out of stock on 20ml,

but in reality I still have 60ml left and I can use it towards 20ml 10ml or 5ml orders.

What’s the best way to do integrated volume or what’s the best app to use.

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My suggestion for this scenario would be to bundle each size up from a base of 1ml so your products are always kept up to date based on the total ml you have left.

We operate our own bundling solution as well as inventory management so we could show you how it would work and you could run some tests. If you are interested send me an email to tom@channelup.io and can help out.



Channelup is a product data management solution helping Shopify stores automate their processes.
If you require custom development or would like to test out our features contact me at tom@channelup.io
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Hi @Faruq1988 

You can try one of these Shopify inventory management apps. They are all about the best Shopify apps for managing inventory.

Hope it helps!

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