What is the best way to list case/pack sizes for products?

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Hi there,


On our store our products are available for purchase as single units or in case sizes. To achieve this, we've listed the case size as a variant of the product. So, the customer would have these options:


  • Variant 1: Bottle (3L)
  • Variant 2: Case (4 x 3L bottles)

Price of Variant 1 is full price. Price of Variant 2 is discounted 10% as a means to promote buying by the case.



The way this is setup is not ideal for these reasons:


  • If a customer orders 4 units of Variant 1, they are effectively buying a case. However, they will not receive the case discount.
  • Shopify analytics will count Variant 2 as a single unit sale, however, there are actually 4 units in each case. This creates inaccurate reporting.


What is the best way to list cases of product in a Shopify to solve for the above issues?


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I have exactly the same problem and same question.  We sell produce both retail and wholesale.  I want to sell wholesale (to restaurants) in case discounts like 12ct carrots and 24ct carrots, and have different pricing for those cases.  But I do NOT want to sell an individual variant called "24ct carrots" because as ianb said, it will show up on the report and 1 item sold, where I actually need to order 24 bunches from the farmer.  I want the report to tell me on the same line how man carrots I sold whether in cases or individually.


I am looking for a wholesale app that can offer quantity price breaks just for specific customers tagged wholesale.  I think that would do the trick.  If they add 12 to their cart of a specific product, the unit price drops.  If they add 24, it drops further etc.  Any wholesale apps out there that do that?


Hi @ianb & @Jacob_Becher 


We do a lot fo this for our clients were you have Pack Sizes that offer a unit Discount coupled with being not available to consumers but only to trade or any other combination you can think of.  We have worked with clients in the wine and beverage industry, outdoor equipment, tools, flooring and many more solve this issue 


What's required is some product setup, some custom theme coding and if required ( optional ) a small app to keep stock in sync.


So the issue can be solved by having 2 variants in the case of let's say wine. 


The first variant is the standard single Bottle Price for ease of the example lets say £10 

You want to give 10% Discount for 4 Bottles So the Second variant is Priced £9

Both Bottle has the same SKU of SHIRAZ1022B and Stock Qty of 10 


On the storefront, the option selector is hidden so the user just see's the Qty input ( optionally it can be just another buy button of buy case ) and Add to cart

We can also display the case price as well if required. 

If they put qty of 4 in the Qty box or click the buy case button we simply add 4 of the second variant to the cart


We can then modify the cart so that they cant update the Qty and try and get a single bottle for the discounted price by disabling the Qty button on Case variants or only allow them to update the Qty in multiples of in this case 4.


This means you get your Qty line item for reporting and additional we have in the past added a very small custom app that updates all variants in the store with the same SKU to the same stock value so that both variants on the product have the same stock level.


We can and have also scaled this up to having multiple price breaks for products and or showing 1 variant to Trade / wholesale customers and one to consumers.


Having been Shopify Website Designers & developers for 10 years there is nto a lot we haven't done ;-) 


If you would like me to go through this in more detail for your specific needs then feel free to book a callback Book Me or contact us through the company website here https://www.inspiradigital.co.uk/contact or just reply to the post that is also fine 


Many Thanks





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@Jacob_Becher I believe your situation is a little different from mine. Unless I'm mistaken, I think what you're trying to achieve (i.e., quantity breaks or tiered pricing) is available through standard discount apps on the app store.


For us it's a little different. We want the case price to only reflect when the customer is buying the correct increment that equates to a case and that case price is the same no matter how many cases they buy. For example, if a customer ordered 7 single units and the standard case size is 4, they would receive case pricing on the first 4 units and single unit pricing on the remainder 3. If they were to add 1 more single unit variant, then they would get case pricing on those last 4 single units as well.



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@Inspira_Digital This sounds like what we're trying to achieve (in terms of differentiating and applying the correct cost). But, I'm wondering is if there are any solutions available using Shopify's product management options without theme modification.


@ianb @Jacob_Becher 


The solution I described works for both of you with slightly different setup sin terms fo the UI and waht is displayed when etc 




Twiiter: http://twitter.com/inspiradigital Website Development: https://www.inspiradigitial.co.uk B2B https://www.inspiradigital.co.uk/our-services/b2b-ecommerce-on-shopify

@ianb There isn't an out the box solution with standard Shopify functionality, hence why we have created these solutions for clients. Happy to be corrected but you either require an App form the market place which will slow your site down and have monthly cost or we code the functionality into your theme which doesnt have any impact on your page speed and come with a one-off cost. 



Twiiter: http://twitter.com/inspiradigital Website Development: https://www.inspiradigitial.co.uk B2B https://www.inspiradigital.co.uk/our-services/b2b-ecommerce-on-shopify