What is up with taxes?

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In the middle of September, my city taxes auto-updated to the wrong tax percentage (from 1.75% to 2.3%). It is publicly available that the tax in the city of Scottsdale is 1.75%.


I have been in limbo with the Shopify technical team trying to get them to fix this issue (going on over a month now). They asked for written proof of this rate (which is easily found with a quick Google search) and continue to say "they're working on this".


I am basically forced to overcharge my customers because the Shopify backend does not let you set the city or county tax rates. I keep getting the same response from the team for their "bandaid" solution of setting up a Tax Override.


The trouble is, I run a flower business, so I use the POS app to take custom orders. I use the quick sale feature a lot. The Tax Override only applies to pre-set collections and their pre-set prices. I have plenty of pre-made arrangements that are ordered, but a great amount are custom values so I have to use quick sale. This Tax Override doesn't apply to quick sale orders, so I'm stuck with the wrong 2.3%. 


I'm shocked that it takes them so long to fix a tax rate they are forcing me to charge that I have no control over when I know what the correct value is. Does anyone else find that how Shopify's advertised as open-ended has a lot of hidden corners and walls?