What on earth do i do now?

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Hi James,

First, before you create any campaigns on FB, AdWords, or any other platform, ask yourself;

What is my top goal for this campaign. If it is sales, then page likes/engagment campagns are the wrong ones for you.

You need to do the following to generate sales:

1-Create two  "click to links" campaigns (one targeting women, the other targeting men) and send traffic to your website. Use the carsole feature (the ablility to add more than 4-5 product images in one ad) and link each product to the product's page on your site. Make sure to use the top selling wathces/items on your site and use great photos. Make sure your target audience is less than 10K, your daily budget is too small to traget a bigger audience.

2- Create a small FB campaign targeting people that have a birthday coming up in the next 7 days (make sure to target their friends too). I had great success targeting this audience. 

There is a lot more target tactics, but start with these campaigns and see.

Good luck,



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Hi James,

Similar to what a few others have said because you are using stock images provided by the manufacturer of the products it is obvious you are just reselling. So my immediate instinct is to google anything I liked to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere. 

In your about us you talk about loving wooden products and bringing them together in the store. Your store needs to look like that. I think you need to do your own photos of products so it looks like they have been specifically chosen by you as a great fashionable product. Take photos on a person, show me how they look in real life on a real person who likes the beach and who wears this type of thing. 

Your shipping time is not fast either - so there needs to be a really good reason why I would buy from you  and not look elsewhere.

I also think IG would be a much better option for advertising. I have found for my store FB is not effective at all and I only use IG ads now. You will need to create catchy ads that make people stop scrolling - just using the manufacturers photo won't be enough in my opinion - you need to create your own posts/ads that focus on the lifestyle/image that you want to promote with your products.

You are only just starting and it will take a little time! Good luck!



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Your watches are beautiful :) So are the sunnies and everything! I love wooden items and so do millions of others :)

The first thing I would do is stop worrying! You now have your first sale (see above, Congratulations!) and its only been 2 weeks!!!! It takes time for shops to build up momentum and for customers to part with their money.

I would stop buying advertising on Facebook and utilise other visual places like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr - showing off to the world basically. Most products like yours I've seen in Etsy and eBay :)

The one thing that all marketing gurus talk about is having a blog and to add to it regularly - you can chat about anything - about your favourite products or how they're made or what's arriving instore next... I'm a bit slack with the blog because I keep running out of time, but they're so helpful for both customers and ourselves. Other things you could chat about (I chat, not blog) would be how to change batteries, how to keep that beautiful wood in amazing condition, how to keep splinters at bay (that would be a funny one because they wouldn't have any - sorry, we have weird sense of humour down in Oz).

You're a brand new shop (professional looking too, I love Shopify themes, makes life so much easier!) with high quality looking products (are they high quality or is it clever photography? once you decide this, then sure, keep those splashy salesy things but price to suit). High end products don't need all the salesy splash of "look at me, look at me, I'm half price" type of thing. Nobody ever discounts a Ferrari! :)

Descriptions should read as if you cannot see any pictures whatsoever - so while you've got the technical stuff sorted, why not describe the colour and pattern of the grain of the wood, the links in the bands, how they're made, if they're real wood or plastic, whatever information you have put it in.

I use my supplier's photos alot in my products but for the descriptions, I always reword what I'm told so they are super clear and easy to understand. And I also add my 2 cents as well, whether I love it or could do with new colours or whatever. I've an art supply shop :) So I even add how paper feels or what type of blue it is. I use my description as a place to chat to my customers :) Whether anyone reads any of it isn't my concern, I just like it to be happy, chatty and friendly!

Hope i've not written too long an essay! I wish you all the best and much success in your business :D Be patient! :D

edit - and do what Nicole says about the photos :D

Hi there :) I'm an artist who just loves everything about arts, crafts, colours and textures. Having an art and craft supplies store is the best. I call them treasures because to me they are. To inspire and be inspired is a beautiful thing :) Art and creativity is so good for you - it soothes the soul, heals the heart and is heaps of fun. I hope anything I add into these forums helps somebody. Have a happy creative day!
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Oh! And one more thing... that "trust seal" logo you've got splattered everywhere - use what Shopify give us in the footer. Adding extra seals and pictures with no links or verification aren't any help at all.

I think if you're dropshipping, you need to ensure people are receiving what you promise - and they're packed according to their worth (tissue, bit of string, nice thank you card, etc).

Its amazing how much information I've got stuffed in my head now... so grateful for posts like yours and all the information in Shopify :D Yes, I'm a big fan of them - I love my shop!

Enough from me, I've got to get to work! Have a totally awesome Happy day everyone :D

Hi there :) I'm an artist who just loves everything about arts, crafts, colours and textures. Having an art and craft supplies store is the best. I call them treasures because to me they are. To inspire and be inspired is a beautiful thing :) Art and creativity is so good for you - it soothes the soul, heals the heart and is heaps of fun. I hope anything I add into these forums helps somebody. Have a happy creative day!
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Stay away from running ads on fb. Not to many buyers on social media. Really no point in getting fb page likes since your site is new, focus on other marketing techniques. My site is in the top 6% of website visits that were opened the same week as mine, about 5 weeks ago. I have had 1200 visits with 8 sales so that conversation rate sucks. And spent $600 on Google. Now I've hired a company to optimize my Adwords account and I'm not impressed at all. You've really got to spend money on Google search and Google Shopping. As a drop shipper it's very hard to make a profit on eBay and Amazon. 

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The average conversion rate for a brand new store is .1%. Normal conversion rates (sales based on # of visits) are at 1-3% for brands that have already built successful and trusted following. So to make just 1 sale at this point in your business you need AT LEAST 1000 people to have hit your site. You need to be driving targeted traffic in droves to your site to make sales. 

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Hi James,

It took me a long time to figure this one out and hopefully my suggestions helps you in some way. You might want to market a product vs. the website. When I started my store, my focus was on getting likes and driving traffic to my website, thinking this would lead to sales. It basically did the same thing you're saying, I got traffic, views, likes, etc. but no sales. However, it did help me discover my target audience an better define it. I added Google Analytics to my site and a free app I found in Shopify called Semantics. Those two tools combined gave me superb insight to who my audience was, what products were getting the most views, age, interest, and behavior. 

I took those reports and then started marketing via Facebook ads single products. If my report for the previous week showed that summer bohemian dresses had the most views, then I created a sale for that particular dress, such as a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal and placed an add for it on FB. I then used the reports to define my target audience, and utilized the retargeting option to capture people who had previously been to my site. At the same time, I run an email campaign advertising the sale and gather my customer list, and people that have signed up for my newsletters. I also use another app called Swell which is a loyalty rewards program. I like it because it gathers great details of the abandoned cart people and it also gathers email addresses of people that may not have purchased in the past but simply signed up for the loyalty program. Semantics, Swell, and Shopify abandoned cart reports working together is great for retargeting and getting those customers back. For example, semantics showed me that in a month, I had over $4k worth of cart abandons. While the report did not show who the people were since they did not go far enough into the checkout process, the Swell report captured their email addresses most of the time. I just compared day and time from the Swell report to the day and time of the semantics report to see who they were and what they were looking at and if they were looking at the popular prduct I placed on sale, then I emailed them the newsletter announcing the BOGO sale. 

Additionally, I post the sale of the dress on all my other social media platforms and then go to an interactive fashion forum and style the dress with different options. For example, I might match the dress with jewelry, shoes, and handbags, all products from my shop. I'll post the designs and styles in the forums, on all my social media, and in FB groups. Finally, I place that same product on other sales platforms like Ebay and Groupon. Placing it on other platforms allows me to sell the product, but also allows me to gather email addresses and contact information so that I can later go back and invite them to my website.

I'll run that campaign for about two weeks. As a result, I end up selling quite a bit of the dress, I'm able to drive new traffic to my store, I'm able to upsell other products that compliment the dress, and I'm able to gain new followers and likes across social media. Once I figured out my target market and stopped marketing to a broad audience, it made a huge difference. But, the biggest difference was basically marketing by the product vs. marketing my entire site. Each week I analyze my reports and figure out what the hot product is. Keep in mind, if you're running a campaign on one product, you want to ignore that because your reports are automatically going to show that as the most popular product. You'll have to look at the nex most popular product with the most views and clicks. Also, I noticed that it takes FB ads a minute to pick up steam on your ad and get it out there so I try to market the product with a FB ad for about a week. Also, my Shopify dashboard gives good tips. It lets us know what product had the most views and clicks, whether my emails, blogs, FB campaigns or forums are effective.

Hopefully my experiences and failures help you a little. I know everybody has tips and advice and will tell you everything from completely redesigning your site to drive drive drive traffic but when it's all said and done, ideas will start to click in your mind; and when they do, don't be afraid to try them. You never know when that next late night marketing idea might be the idea that gets you a sale. And when you start getting sales, repeat what works for you.

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Your website & products look great! I've just ordered a watch for myself.

Personally, I like to inspect products very precisely - with photo magnification (which your website lacks). I'd be cool if you added that feature.


I've also noticed my order number is quite low - that means you didn't make too many sales yet - try sending out free samples to people you know with big online prescense or find influencers)


Good luck!

Artem M | AVE project


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So many people missing the point. Content is king for blogs and product is king for shops.

It doesn't matter how cool or good looking the site is if exactly the same products are available elsewhere for a great deal less money.

When you're selling the same items as everyone else you need to be the cheapest and/or offer the best service.


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hi. this is for loveanddesign.co.uk. do you have to pay extra for the actual fb and instagram ad budgets, in addition to the monthly fee of this service? or does the subscription fee take care of all costs associated with posting the ad? thanks!