What on earth do i do now?

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H Everyone!

So, i have had my website live now for 10 days with facebook ads running at $5 dollars per day for engagment and page likes. I have had in total 71 likes with paer page like average around $0.54. I have had 35 views on my page with no sales are add to carts. Now are them results average or are they way to low? 

Also, i am a little loss now, I have no idea what to do next! i want to focus on building Facebook and Instagram following but I am confused at what i should be doing!

My website is www.woodhutt.com

Any feedback would be great!

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Hi James

I cannot advise on your question but just to let you know I think your website is superb.

You should do well with it.



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what are the links to your FB ads? Perhaps that needs tweaked. It's also possible that you didn't target the post enough as well, so with that in mind, what key words/targeting were you doing?


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My links are just to indidvidual products on the website and i am targeting an audience of around 700,000 people in certain states in the US


Thank you for for the feedback! Do you know of any resourcses that can give you information on what to do next? 

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The thing is that you cannot even remotely judge your success based on these small numbers.

When you are just starting out (I assume you are also new to Facebook Ads) the first couple of hundred dollars spend on ads go mostly for testing and learning. Of course you can also make decent sales within this "introduction period", but it's not anywhere guaranteed that you do so.

You cannot judge your business based 35 clicks to your website. Expecting a sale that fast means you would have a conversion rate of 3 % (so far).

Get some more data, analyse the visitors to your site, optimize your Facebook Ads and store accordingly and see what you can get :) 

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Hi James,

I'll bite, you now have your first sale.

Order #1001 confirmed
UWOOD 3001A × 1
mixed sandal wood

I will agree, website looks great. Easy to navigate. The only thing I didnt like was I see the big Paypal logo on the homescreen, but when I went to pay Paypal was not an option. I serisouly thought about not following through on my purchase...but being a fellow Shopify customer I wanted to give you your fist sale. So I went and grabbed my wallet and the rest is history. Good luck on your store.

Kip - ArizonaCornholeRentals.com

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Just keep going if you can afford it. It takes time and more traffic to get a in-depth idea of how everything is working. Remember to keep  your facebook ads really simple and just see how you get on

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Great looking website James! If Shopify works, then surely you one will. I thought our shop looked okay, but your site is very inviting...and you got your first sale! 

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Same old problem I'm afraid. You're dropshipping the same products that hundreds of other sellers are. I was able to find most of your top "sellers" for less money in a couple of minutes of google image searching as you're using stock photos.

Without unique products it's an uphill battle as there are so many doing the same thing who are far more established.

Ask yourself why someone should buy from you than elsewhere? You need to make yourself the most attractive option but the problem with dropshipping is that it's just a race to the bottom price and profit wise.

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Hi James,

Couple things to point out:

  • The design of your product page could use work. You should pick a theme that uses product thumbnails. This way the consumer doesn’t have to scroll down so far to see all the pictures. This way, the “Add to Cart” button won’t move so far out of the way for the consumer.
  • You should not use a hotmail email for your contact address. It should be an email from your domain to look more professional
  • You should add product reviews to your product page
  • Your product descriptions are lacking. You should be using them as an opportunity to describe why the product is awesome
  • Your “Trust seals” are obviously fake and useless. Consider using real ones like the free ones offered by TRUST - https://apps.shopify.com/trust





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