What on earth do i do now?

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Hi James,

There is much more to converting than FB ads.

In my opinion, it would be worth investing some time & money into the website. You need to stand out from the crown a little with your products (AliExpress dropship stuff - lot's of people selling these same things for years, ever since a popular article mentioned wooden sunglasses...) You're using a free theme and the product imagery is OK but not great.

However, with product and website aside, to maximise your Facebook you need to get to the stage where you're running Website Conversion Ads, not PPE (like you say you have done). With a PPE, Facebook will look for people in the audoence you define that it kows are likely to press like or share, not necesseraily to purchase.

PPE's are a good way to gther data, as you get a lot of cheap engeagement. You find out who likes and shares, where they are from, their age and a whole load of oither demographics. Using that data, run a WC ad. With this, Facebook will target peolpe it thinks are likely to purchase.

You have options with a WC ad in relation to your pixel. These range from View Content to Add To Cart to  Purchase. These determine what FB calls a conversion (i.e. if someone views your content that would be a conversion if you chose View Content). Your pixel needs to be getting a minimum of 25 conversion per week for FB to be able to optimise your ad, so start with the View Content and only progress up to Add to Cart once your're getting regualr add to carts (regarldess of actual $$ conversions)

That'a all very vague, I know, but its a big learning curve, and an interesting one IMO.

I think one of the best places to start your research is with Facebook themsleves. Try this:


And have a look at the Facebook Blueprint




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I would recommend choosing your merchandise better. These are not authentic at all. Better have one product but your own athentic product and brand. I mean something you come up with and you make or arrange the production process locally. Alternatively you can go niche and sell others' authentic brands. Then you will have a history and information you can share with your audience via blog posts. The best converting traffic comes from Google search and the only way to get that is creating content that other people link.

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My "twocents worth" isn't worth that much, but I did not find a way to contact you except by e-mail.  I want to see a phone number and physical address to help reasure that you are a legitimate business.  If I am buying and can't find one or the other, I go on by to seller that has preferably both.  E-mails are easy to ignore if a situation arises.

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Hey James - 

I agree with everyone else on the unique design of your page. I dig it.

What sort of ads are you purchasing? Post Engagement, Lead Generation, Conversions, etc..

I think that would help us, help you. Have you heard of the step method? If not, I'll explain later in this post.

I'll share how I made my first 5 sales. 

  1. Add FB pixel on my shopify site
  2. Created custom pixels for the product I was promoting
  3. Postedviral videos of those products on my FB Buisness page
  4. Shared those posts in FB specific niche groups 

The audience shared and liked these videos like crazy -

  • View Content / Add to Cart / Purchase pixels were pinged

So five sales later, after organic marketing I tried the STEP METHOD in my advertising

  1. Conversion add for View Content - waited my ATC (add to cart) was roughly around 20 hits
  2. Switched my optimization for ATC (add to cart) - waited for 5-10 sales to generate
  3. Switched my optimization for PURCHASE - sweet baby jesus this helped tremoundously!! 

ALSO - I created a look alike audience based on VIEW CONTENT prior to even making my first ad for VIEW CONTENT.


Hope this helps! 

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I think that the days when you could pop something on the internet and sell it are all but done. I've worked in B2B all my life and owned a few businesses. I have never seen anything as competetive as the online world. So....my adice would be build your business in another way. Maybe find a direct channel. Wholesale. Anything. I've been working on my site for a year and when I look at the stats, CTR, conversions, CPC and sales versus the work put in its poor. Very best of luck and well done for giving it a shot. 


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Years ago I owned a Shopify store. Social media wasn't what it was today. I was hugely successful for my first store. I've been out of the game for a while but this is where I am at. 

I built a Facebook audience targeted to my niche. Over 1k followed in 2 weeks. 

I Encourage people to subscribe to my email list and offer a free gift. That cost me about $3 per person who requests the free gift after subscribing. I enter them as a customer and send it off. My email list has grown exponentially this way. It's cost me some money but I'm aiming for long term returns and repeat customers rather than the one time sale.

Im only in pre launch. Haven't added all the products to my store but I wanted to get the social media presence pre existing for my official launch. 

We also contribute to a nonprofit with each sale. 

Everyones niche is different and getting to know your audience is crucial. I still have about a week of design and stocking before I'm official. 




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Hi James, I'm in the same boat as you and feel your frustration. I've been open a few months and have been exploring facebook ads. I've gotten views and likes, but no conversions to sales. I agree with the others - your site does look great! I did just make a purchase to support a fellow Shopifier :)

I'll give you the advice that people have given me, to keep at it, keep trying new things and be positive. 

- Adrienne (www.lemonandpoppy.com)


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You are selling nice trandy watches. So the social component in your sales channel is cruical.
You have to show your visitors that these wooden watches is the next big thing. Show them orders from your customers with popups. The easiest way to achieve this is to use the Show Recent Orders app which will start showing these popups immediately. You can get it here with a free 10 day trial.

You have really nice products and your store is well made. I think that you can succeed very fast :)

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stop wasting your money on Facebook - no one shops there.

social proof-> https://goo.gl/u4LT9Q



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Your store looks cool.  Judging by your question and its specificity, I don't suspect you researched your products or business objectives thouroughly enough.  Consumers have become very keen and will recognize this intuitively.  But, it's not too late.

My first recommendation would not be to focus on FB.  Although, I would recommend having a strong, regular and methodical prescence on all social media channels you have time to commit to.  If you can't be consistent, then wait until you can be.

I would suggest you conduct product and market research.  For your chosen product, you could do this on amazon, for instance.  You will need some cash to spend to do this.  Most likely not much.  After research is finalized, you may find that the numbers don't work or do work.  This is where you'll begin realizing that just getting sales is not the point.  Getting sales that make you the most profit possible is the point.

If the numbers do work, start focusing on your content.  Your site is pretty bare.  Make sure to write your own content.  Start looking at SEO tactics.  You'll have to conduct a lot of testing here too.  You'll want to judge your competion and so on.

Don't let your pride cloud your judgement.  There are opportunities out there and this one may not be "it".  I suspect that many of us here have had failed projects and had to start anew or needed to add on new businesses to meet our goals.  There is much more that can be said on this.  I have read many books on the topic and it is extensive.  If you are looking for success online, I suggest you never stop digging for the newest, data driven information on the subject.  This arena is highly competitive, you have to thing like an engineer.

If your questions are more specific, people are more able to provide helpful tips.

Good Luck!