What options do I have for improving my blog layout/template

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Hi folks

We're using Minimal Vintage theme and happy with it except for the blog templates/layout. It's dated, uninspiring and not particularly user friendly. What's going on?

We decided to keep the blog on site (rather than linking to external) for SEO benefits long tail key words etc etc but the down side of this is that it just doesn't look very good!

What options do we have for improving this. Is it going to be a new theme? Some coding? 

Any advice (and examples if you're happy to share) would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Craig :-) 

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Hi Craig, I would explore the option of hosting the blog on a platform made for content such as WordPress and linking back to your store.   You could argue this would be better for SEO as your blog grows, the link backs would provide valuable "link juice".  Also, with Shopify's ability to now sell products from a WordPress blog, it could be seamless.  We see a lot of bigger companies use this strategy. 

Otherwise, yes it would be alot of coding and maybe a theme update - depending on what you want.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Bobby, we'll take a fresh look at this in more details :) 

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Hello Craig,

You should continue with blog on Shopify, it is advisable to keep a blog on sub-folder only, you may like to read a very good article on it, click here

Regarding the design, i believe your entire Webstore needs a fresh new look, which helps with conversion, something like this - https://www.piqgifts.com/ (based on Shopify only).

Best regards!