What's the best translating app for Shopify?

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Hello all,

We've just set up our new webshop and are in need of a translating app. Right now we're testing out Weglot Translate but we've also heard of Langify.

Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two are? Why do more people choose for Langify?

Is there yet another app that might suit us well?



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Hey Cub! 

I would recommend checking out all the different translation apps which are available on the app store - see here. I haven't personally used Weglot before, but I do believe Langify has been around longer, which can be both a pro and a con. 

Pro - The longer the app has been around, the more likely there's been feedback and updates/improvements added. General rule of thumb is older the app, the better the quality. 

Con - The above is not always the case. Sometimes app developers make an app and leave it as is. You may think, "if it's not broken, don't fix it," but in my personal experiences with apps on the app store - they're released 100% perfect (there's always room for improvement). 

I have recommended Langify to many merchants, and I haven't heard any complaints. With that said, Weglot may be an awesome app, and depending on your usage, it may be a better bang for your buck. It certainly has great reviews and is worth a try. 

My final piece of advice is to try out each of the ~ 6 translation apps offered on the app store. I believe all of them do offer a few days as a free trial, so it's definitely worth checking each of them out and deciding which one will work best for your specific store (only you can decide this). 

Best of luck with your store! :)


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Tried to test langify, problem is that you can't install it if your shop isn't already signed up for a payed plan. 

I like the idea of a separate subdomain for each language which shopify can do according to what I read not sure about weglot though, waiting for a response from the support. 

@stephen, do you have some shop online with langify? I would like to check out the resulting frontend. 

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If you are going to test several translation Shopify apps, always make a copy of your theme before installing any of them.  Most translation apps modify greatly the theme's code and this changes will remain after uninstalling them. So, download a coy of your theme before installing!

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Hi, I use Langify for some time now.  However, in order to have efficient SEO in the different countries you have to have different domains not directing to a primary one. This means different Google Tags installations for each language, different Analytics setup for each language etc.  Weglot allows you to have only one domain and uses HREFLANGs for SEO purposes.  Could someone help me here? Are HREFLANGs as efficient as different domains SEOwise?