What's the cost of start a new item on your online store from import to sell | A Chinese quoestion?

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First, i am a Chinese boy and as a salesmen for years. But today, i am a learner for some questions, look forward to geting some idea about the new business cost from every online store owner.

Because i want become a real partner for our customer, not for sell just provide my service.  Past, we took alots of time search customer contact way via google, yaohoo and bing etc, but the result is that just recommend our products and intrduce our company show our strength, but reply is very less, we work like that day by day, it's very boring and no effective.

The world is changing every day, business demands is changing everyday. I think above way is not a right way for customers. We should care about our product can bring to our customer how many profit , and how to improve customer product premium.

So this is why i ask the questions of title.

If interest, please follow my below questions(Our product wooden watch as sample):

1).  How much the customs clearance for your Local?  As a small volume with high value product, express is more cost-effective, so how much the customs clearance cost when pick up the cargo from DHL?


2). Except DHL shipping cost and customs clearance cost, what other cost you must charge?  Tale new pictures? 


3). If you're a company, there should be have other labor cost.


4). Normaly, as a health business should be have how many gross profit at least, above 30%?


Finaly, do you have any suggest when someone recommend you newest products.


Thanks for your help, look forward to hearing further questions from you.


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Let me try and answer this for you : 

1. To know about Duties and Taxes or the landed cost, you need to incorporate an app that calculates this. With landed cost calculation apps, it is quite easy to get this estimation and even show it to the customer at checkout.

2. Other costs apart from Shipping and duties and taxes, include Remote Area surcharge, special service charges like charges for insurance, signature charges, etc. Kindly do a check which service service are you using from DHL and then based on that you can go to their shipping calculator and calculate the cost and see on an average how much it comes out.

3. I am not experienced enough to answer this as this is not a question related to Shipping.

4. A good business should ideally have sufficient profit using which it can utilise a proportion for future growth, a proportion for sustenance, a proportion as saved coffer. I cannot tell you the percentage but 30% is definitely a good enough number.


I tried to answer your query in all my sincerity. Hope this would be useful. Also, if you are looking for a solution for shipping with DHL, you can try the Multi Carrier Shipping label app.