What tips would you give for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

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Hey everyone! For those of you who have already gone through a Black Friday / Cyber Monday:


What mistakes have you made in the past that you learned from, or that you would warn other store owners not to do the same?


Appreciate the help!

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Hi! We prepared a detailed Black Friday 2019 marketing guide that sets out the specifics that Shopify and Shopify Plus stores need to know when sending out marketing messages during the Black Friday sales period. It is important to highlight that all the information included is based on data submitted by 200 Shopify stores during Black Friday last year. For example, the guide includes how many messages you should be sending to your subscribers, over and above the usual amount. It also covers the best dates to send messages to get the most reactions, and which marketing channels are best from Black Friday right through to Cyber Monday.


Find BFCM 2019 marketing guide here and hope it will be really useful while setting up Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns this year.


BFCM marketing guide for Shopify stores by Firepush.png



Test a discount app BEFORE the sale period. A lot of merchants apply discounts to products in the night right before the BF. It's better to test the app before and apply discounts an hour before the sale. Our app, Bulk Discount & Price Editor, applies discounts to 300 products per minute. So if you have a large number of SKUs, you have to schedule a sale in advance.

Apply discounts for thousands of products in a few seconds: https://apps.shopify.com/instant-bulk-discount-sales