What to do when unsubscribed /uninstalled APPs cut from your Shopify saved CreditCards ???

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I have Uninstalled GemPages on 12 Aug, or maybe before that, on 16 Aug they Cut 29$ from my Shopify saved Credit-Card, I tried to contact GemPages many-times to inquire but they are not responding, and the answer I got from Shopify was very strange actually, they are saying that they know that the APP has been uninstalled 5 days before the invoice issuing date, and they know that the GemPages un-superscription policy is just to remove the APP, HOWEVER they allowed them to unjustly cut the money from card which saved on their system, and they are asking me to solve it directly with GemPages who are not replying to me at all

I'm wondering how the Shopify system not monitoring these APPs and paying them as per their policies, in case of a mistakes why they do not judging to solve it from their side like Amazon, PayPal and even Alibaba etc, how they are raising wolves in their home, it will repeat this with many clients and it will negatively effect their reputation, and it will even eat them accordingly 

Is anyone faced the same issue, and could solve it, before