What will happen to my store if I dont choose a plan after the trial period

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Hello guys,


I just created a shopify store, I gave it a name  and associated it to a domaine name too and I bought a theme...


I dont wanna pay a plan for now, I want to wait until end of January


Am I going to lose my store? If I decide to create anpther shopify store with the same domaine name after the end of the trial periode?


Thank you.



If I'm not wrong. Nothing happens to your domain & theme. 


Your account just gets frozen until you pay for the outstanding invoice.


You might want to consider Pausing your store. (reduced price to $14 USD a month)

  • Settings > Plans & Permissions 
  • Store Status > Pause Store
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Hi - I have a different scenario. I created a store with a random email id and tried it out during my trial period. I didnt convert into a paid plan then. Now i have created an email account for my store and wanted to start a subscription and start building my website. I created a new store name(as i cannot use the same store name) for my new email account so in short i have two email accounts and two store names.


Email 1 -- Store 1 -- expired

Email 2 -- Store 2 -- Trial started


I want to sort this out to

Email 2 - Store 1 - start the subscription.


Option 1:

Email 1 -- Store 1 -- expired

- pay for the scubscription and then change the email id.


Option 2:

Email 2 -- Store 2 -- Trial started

 - pay for subscription at the end of the trial

 - change the Store name to Store 1(but is it allowed considering Store 1 is still associted with Email 1)?


Please suggest if this is possible?