When shipment was ready to ship and we dispatched in a panel .We received this error - Unable to dis

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When shipment was ready to ship in unicommerce and we dispatched in a panel .We received this error - Unable to dispatch package on shopify: Not Found.  
Dear Shopify team pls check.
Reply From Unicommerce team:-
We had the check done and the problem seems to be from Shopify's end . Please get in contact with the Shopify team regarding this issue , I am attaching the error and please contact me if Shopify requires further background log details for the same.
16:52:36,000 WARN [HTTP-53691:powergummies:suyash.maskara@
unicommerce.com:/data/oms/shipment/manifest/addShippingPackage][][HttpSender.java] - Http Sender warning url:92949b6284d00d7a251d30f3db8c9ab4:shppa_d280a104a970ff
acb314f1e73cb1e6b5@power-gummies-dev.myshopify.com/admin/orders/3168864567494/fulfillments.xml, status code:404
16:52:36,000 INFO [HTTP-53691:powergummies:suyash.mask
ara@unicommerce.com:/data/oms/shipment/manifest/addShippingPackage][][HttpInstruction.java] - Done executing http instruction: 92949b6284d00d7a251d30f3db8c9ab4:sh
ppa_d280a104a970ffacb314f1e73cb1e6b5@power-gummies-dev.myshopify.com/admin/orders/3168864567494/fulfillments.xml with responseCode 404 in 412 ms.
16:52:36,000 INFO [H
TTP-53691:powergummies:suyash.maskara@unicommerce.com:/data/oms/shipment/manifest/addShippingPackage][][HttpInstruction.java] - [HTTP-SENDER: a3009ac5747b6d68957d3a02b088
539a] HttpInstruction [RESULT=<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->
<errors>Not Found</errors>
:36,000 INFO [HTTP-53691:powergummies:suyash.maskara@unicommerce.com:/data/oms/shipment/manifest/addShippingPackage][][LogInstruction.java] - Shopify Dispatch Response &
lt;!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->
<errors>Not Found</errors>