Where can I see my emails?

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Hi there,

I'm new at Shopify and I have a quick question:

Where can I see the messages from my shop emails?

Can't find any email inbox or anything in the platform.

Also, I can't add the emails to my gmail account as there is no settings on Shopify showing the POP3, passwrod, etc...

Any help will be great.


Kind regards,


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Hi, @fernandofas!

Any emails that are sent from your customer to you via your Contact Us page would be sent to the email you have listed here under Settings > General:




Are you trying to set up email forwarding? If so, there is a guide here that will go over how to do this if you have a domain you've bought from Shopify. This will let customers reply to your custom domain email; for example, if your custom domain was something like shop.com, your custom domain email could be contact@shop.com, then those emails will be forwarded on to your personal email address for you to read.

If you've like to reply to those customers emails using your custom domain email, I'd advise using a service like GSuite or Zoho mail, as email hosting is not provided when you buy a domain through Shopify. There is more info here on how to set that up!

The process is a little different if you've not bought your domain from Shopify. There is a guide here if you've bought your domain from a third party provider!

When setting up email forwarding, I would also recommend adding an SPF Record to your domain settings. Shopify uses the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to verify your customer email address for the automatic notification emails that your customers receive. These include order confirmations + shipping confirmation/updates! This SPF prevents notification emails from being flagged as spam, removes the via Shopify note from the sender information, and displays your customer email address instead of no-reply@shopify.com in the sender field.

To prevent your emails from bouncing, you can add SPF Records to your domains DNS settings! If you have bought your domain from Shopify, can you try adding the SPF Records to the Shopify domain from within the admin?
1. From the admin, go to Online Store > Domains
2. Click on 'Manage' beside your primary domain
3. Next click on 'DNS Settings' at the top of the page
4. Here you can add the record! Click on 'add custom record' and select TXT Record
5. Add @ in the Name, and v=spf1 include:shops.shopify.com ~all in the record
6. Save changes!
I have made a video here on how to do this.

If you have bought your domain from a third-party host (like GoDaddy) and not from Shopify, there is a more general guide here:

Log in to your domain hosting account.
Find your domain's TXT record. This usually appears beside the CNAME record and MX record.
Add the following SPF record to your TXT record: v=spf1 include:shops.shopify.com ~all
Save your changes.

This can take a couple of hours to propagate; usually 24 hours for any domain changes, but it can often be faster! I would recommend waiting a little while, then sending a test email to yourself to ensure all emails are being delivered.

I know there is a lot of information included above! Have a read through and let me know if you have any questions.


Speak soon!

Social Care | help.shopify.com

Ava | Social Care @ Shopify 
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