Where do I send praise?

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Hey, guys. Shopify has to be the best thing since sliced bread!

Where can I post a review saying how happy I am with it?

Things I love most:

  1. Easy Set Up. It was super easy to set up my site. Pages, menus, and products were added in short order!
  2. Extensible. But it's not like it required a lot of extending to be useful. A small handful of plugins was all it took to give me all the functionality I need.
    • Spreadr to add Amazon products to my store
    • Digital Downloads for PDFs and videos (one day).
    • GoAffPro for affiliate marketing (super easy, super affordable).
    • MailMunch to collect email addresses.
    • Seguno for email marketing (maybe. Still evaluating options there.
  3. Zero maintenance! As someone who has had a WordPress site for many years, I LOVE that I don't have to upgrade the platform, upgrade Php, and upgrade the many plugins, day after day, week after week. All of that is done for me.
  4. Payment management! People can use PayPal, credit cards, and a bunch of other payment methods I've never heard of. I don't have deal with any of it, and I didn't even need a merchant code!

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Hey Eric,


I bet you are elated after coming from many WordPress sites. Imagine how people feel coming from Magento for those reasons you shared. I suggest you contact Shopify support and just share this. It's nothing new to them, but it's always nice to hear praise right?

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