Where to find emails sent to customer

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Thanks for the workaround! But upvote for the feature.


Not only should we have an exact record of what was sent to a customer at the time, but its also very hard to test custom notification templates with the predetermined variables (that are not all complete) on the notification templates (e.g. created_Date =BLANK). Being able to preview what has gone to customers would ensure changes to email notification templates could be tested then proven working correctly in production. 

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Dear Shopify,
PLEASE add the ability to BCC ourselves when emails are sent to our valuable customers.   This feature is imperative!  It's been missing for many years. 
In the meanwhile, I've used this quasi-workaround:
-create your own "dummy" account in your store like a regular customer would, then make a dummy order and then you'll see the emails that Shopify automatically sends. 
It's not the actual email sent to my customers but at least I get to see something. 
This is less than ideal, definitely not professional.  
Note:  check your store's email INBOX & SPAM for this subject:
Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
If Shopify's automatic emails to your customers bounce, you can see what was sent to them.  I just discovered this when I checked my SPAM, and found emails that did bounce.  I did not know that my customers were not getting any emails from my store!
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Shopify must fix this problem. We can't see the emails sent to our customers and this is upsetting.

It is an easy-to-add option. We will appreciate it if we can see what our customers received from us.

Please Shopify, solve this long-standing issue.

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Barely a day goes by that I don't want to reference an email sent to a customer to be able to review exactly what has been communicated to them.  Shopify, please reply.  Will you add this feature?

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great idea but this is not the only issue. MY issue is that we cannot find emails that we have sent to the customer in regards to their order. Not only the ones that shopify sent. Like, you know when you need to email a customer to let them know their order will be late, or if they want to swap their design etc? This is not recorded in notes like our other in-house- comments are kept, so we cannot track the emails that we sent to the customer ourselves. It's actually dangerous also, because if the customer says they never got an email from us, we can't prove otherwise.

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Wow, over 2 years later and 30 requests for a basic feature and not even as much as a response from Shopify. This is an important and fairly simple feature to program into the admin panel.


Disappointed in Shopify.

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I know, right! SMH

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+1 here! Shopify please add that crucial functionality asap. 

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I'm desperate for the capability to:

1. see emails sent to customer (Sent items folder)

2. have the option to get bcc'd in all customer emails


the test facility does not seem to provide an accurate test in my opinion. E.g. i modified the tracking url in my oberlo account, but this doesn't seem to get reflected in the test email

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+1, we also need these features


1. See all emails sent to customer (Sent items folder)

- this was used frequently for customer service when we were on Wordpress/Woocommerce, I figured Shopify would have this by default.

2. Be bcc'd in all customer emails

- right now we need this to have accounting record the tracking number generated from the "Shipping Confirmation" order. Instead, we have to manually dig through each order to get the tracking number. Wasted time.