Where to find emails sent to customer

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Funny that WP is free and has these features, but Shopify costs a fortune thanks to only allowing apps for most things, and we still lack the basics!

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I was wondering the same thing.  I sent an email to a customer and I usually BCC myself when I send clients emails from Shopify that way, I always have a copy on hand.  I am pretty sure I sent the message as it does appear in the timeline, but I have no "proof" that the email was sent since I do not have the message.


In the meantime, my only suggestion is to always BCC yourself in a Shopify email that way you always have a copy on hand.

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So this has been an issue since August of 2017 and Shopify still hasn’t resolved this very basic need? I joined Shopify to have all of my business essentials in one place and I continue to need to access emails I have sent to my clients. I can’t even FIND what I sent them when I have notified them of an OOS item other issue. I might as well go to Etsy and pay their fees since every time I need something I need to pay for another “APP” and then Shopify can’t even offer the simplest of things. This is ridiculous. SHOPIFY PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. We should be able to see client correspondence.
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I know this thread is a few years old, but I'll chime in here, too.


I'm in the middle of disputing a customer chargeback, and I need to be able to include a record of the email correspondence I sent this customer. I can see the message I sent to them in the order page's timeline, but all this does is provide me a small window I have to scroll to actually read the email. Thus, it will be impossible to actually take a screenshot of the entire email.


This isn't even to mention how difficult it would be to actually find this record if I needed to search for it, either using the search bar at the top of the page or even scrolling through the busy timeline of events.


That there is not a place in the order page where all correspondence with the customer is kept in a type of inbox/sent messages is absolutely asinine, and it's disgraceful that Shopify continues to just ignore its customer base for YEARS about essential features like this one.

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We have a lot of advanced logic in our emails and its really disconcerting not knowing exactly what is sent.  PLEASE shopify, look at this thread.  Obviously there is a lot of demand for it!

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I agree Shopify should allow us to see complete records of our emails.


For now, the cc option will have to to do.

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That's the problem. There is no cc option or anything in Shopify. Unless you're talking about email, but then you need to file it in your own email account (gmail or whatever) and that's not how to keep records of messages you've sent to customers. The emails you send to the customer about an order should be in the customers order. I'm not talking about a ticketing system, as this would be via Zendesk or whatever, even though i do not see why it shouldn't be in the system either but it seems noone does that. But since Shopify allow us to send emails to customers from their order, it should keep a record of it. I mean, how can they have one and not the other? So the way it works is, Shopify make it possible to send a message to the customer in their order, but they do not keep a record of what was sent, so there is no proof we ever sent it. Seems half-arsed. The amount of times we've had to insist that we've sent a message, but the customer says they never got it, and we have no proof! Shopify are literally getting their paying merchants in trouble! They provide only half of an integral part of communicating with clients about their orders.

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@Ann ?

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There are so many problems with not being able to see what was sent to customers. For example, when I click on "preview" for the templates, the address for my store isn't correct for customers to do a pick-up. I've updated my address in all locations - but I can't see what was sent to them either, so have no peace of mind and actually quite worried what they see. The fact we cannot see email confirmations sent to our customers could possibly be a non-negotiable for me, and I may need to leave shopify because I will constantly worry (without any way to do a simple check) of what information they got! Why would it not be available? Just makes no sense if the platform is for ecommerce and customer satisfaction. 

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Please Shopify let us see the emails that we actually send to our own customers! It is really important to see what kind of content our customers are getting. I can give you a specific example: I do not know if my customers are actually getting the tracking number and the link to the Portuguese Post Office where they should track their orders, since several of them have asked me for this information.